Wafaa Amjad Dar

Wafaa Amjad Dar, Pharm-D

Wafaa Amjad Dar is a Medical Editor at MEDvidi. She holds a Doctor of Pharmacy degree (Riphah International University, Islamabad) and has received a Basic Certificate in Safety & Quality Control from Institute for Healthcare Improvement, Boston (2020). She also participated in organizing international conferences related to innovations in pharmaceutical sciences and other areas.

Wafaa has previously worked in the hospital pharmacy and pharmaceutical industry, which improved her expertise in the field. At MEDvidi, she uses her knowledge to transform intricate medical data into straightforward messages for non-medical readers. She ensures medical precision and clarity of digital content covering mental health issues and the specifics of pharmacological treatment.

I believe quality mental health to be as important as physical well-being. I am devoted to providing the highest quality of editing services to help people better understand their mental state and know when to seek professional support.

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Stress vs anxiety

Are Anxiety and Stress the Same Thing?

Most people use the terms stress and anxiety interchangeably. That’s because the two share many symptoms and even result from similar causes. But is stress and anxiety the same thing? And does stress cause anxiety? These are questions you may also be asking yourself, and we are here to answer them…

How does anxiety affect the brain

How Anxiety Affects Your Brain

Anxiety is one of the most common mental disorders, it affects more than 19% of the US population every year. It is characterized by feelings of tension, worry, and intrusive thoughts. Physical symptoms of anxiety include fear, sweating, difficulty concentrating, shaking, irritability, sleep disturbances, dizziness, and rapid heartbeat…

Symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome

How is Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Diagnosed and Treated

It is a normal reaction to feel exhausted after a stressful day at work, an intense workout, or because of lack of sleep. But if we talk about chronic fatigue syndrome, it is more than simply being exhausted. It is a persistent disorder that cannot be relieved by rest or managing one specific area of life. The symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome…

Exercise and mental health

Does Exercise Help Depression?

According to the World Health Organization, depression is one of the most prevalent disorders; it affects approximately 280 million people worldwide. It is a significant contributor to the global disease burden and one of the leading causes of disability. Depression differs from regular mood swings, which are emotional reactions to everyday…