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Working from home depression
Mental Health

How Working from Home Impacts Mental Health Positively and Negatively

Many of us have experienced what it’s like to work remotely from home during the COVID-19 time. For many, remote employment has been a blessing. Saving time and money on the lengthy commute to work meant spending more quality time with loved ones. More and more people are requesting remote work options or looking…

Social health
Mental Health

How Do Social Ties Affect Mental Health?

The link between social relationships and mental well-being is well-established in social psychology. Quantity and quality of social contacts impact mortality risk, health behavior, and mental and physical health. Moreover, having friends and other social contacts benefits your overall happiness. This article describes the importance of social ties…

Insomnia doctor

Which Doctor Should You See for Insomnia Treatment?

Even though many sleep issues can be addressed by making little adjustments to habits or the sleeping environment, occasionally changing one’s behavior is insufficient. Speaking with a sleep expert if you are experiencing a persistent sleep issue can be a good idea. You may have a sleep issue if you frequently feel excessively…

Mental health providers: How to Choose
Mental Health

Mental Health Providers: Tips on Finding One

The first step in finding a mental health provider is to realize that you need help. It may seem an obvious statement, but it is essential. Too often, people suffering from mental health issues try to deal with them independently, which is not only tricky but can also be dangerous. If you feel overwhelmed, hopeless, or like…

How to practice mindfulness
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Practicing Mindfulness: 5 Simple Techniques for Daily Life

The best part is, mindfulness does not require you to be seated in a crossed-legged position like a monk for a long time. Anyone can practice mindfulness techniques for concentration beyond the meditation space. You can refer to them wherever and whenever you wish, so it is a good solution for those with busy lifestyles…

What is a Psychotherapist
Mental Health Therapy

Mental Health Professional: What is a Psychotherapist (Therapist)?

Talk therapy or psychotherapy is a treatment approach for helping people with emotional difficulties and mental illnesses. Psychotherapy is provided by various professionals such as psychologists, counselors, and psychotherapists. Psychotherapists, in general, serve as a guide to help their patients comprehend…

Couples Therapy
Mental Health Therapy

Couples Therapy 101: Everything You Need to Know in 2022

Well, the good news is that there are many things that can help you. For example, couples therapy is one of the most effective and evidence-based approaches to dealing with relationship issues and gives couples a chance to get wise responses to their concerns from a professional counselor…

do i have bpd
Mental Health

Borderline Personality Disorder: Symptoms, Causes & Myths

Borderline personality disorder (BPD) is a personality disorder that is marked by unstable emotions and relationships. Every day for a person with BPD is like a rollercoaster because everything changes so frequently, whether it’s the person’s likes, dislikes, or self-image. BPD is like having an exposed…



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