Mental health telehealth

5 Challenges Solved by Telemedicine in Mental Health Treatment

The Covid-19 pandemic illuminated the numerous possibilities that technology offers. Telehealth emerged as a service that most healthcare professionals embraced. A stable Internet connection and your smartphone are all you ought to have now to receive help online. In the United States, 52.9 million people need mental health services…

Online Mental Health Screening

Is Online Mental Health Screening Effective?

Online mental health screening is a relatively new word in healthcare. Through diverse online tests, a person can see if there are any signs of a mental health problem or disorder. The information acquired from such evaluations can also be used by mental health professionals to get a better picture of the patient’s state, monitor…

Telemedicine Before and After Covid

Telemedicine Before and After Covid: Rise or Decline?

The Covid-19 pandemic has forever changed the world in many ways, and telehealth is no exception. The topic of telemedicine moved to the forefront of many discussions related to Coronavirus. Still, its benefits have existed at some level for several years now, and it is seeing a surge in popularity and use during the Covid outbreak…

online medication management

Pros and Cons of Online Medication Management

Telemedicine is like teleporting your doctor while staying in the comfort of your own home. It saves doctors and patients time and money on travel and comes with multiple other advantages. For many patients, telemedicine is a whole new experience. But in fact, such a concept of e-prescriptions…

future of telemedicine

Introduction to Telemedicine: Your Comprehensive Guide

Technology has brought a great revolution in the medical industry, and healthcare workers and providers are constantly looking for better ways to provide healthcare services to patients. Telemedicine is one of the leading sources of providing healthcare services to patients in remote locations…

Telemedicine and Telehealth

Difference Between Telemedicine and Telehealth? A Complete Guide

In the past, people would need to travel to various healthcare centers and access healthcare workers for treatment and care. However, in the modern era, telemedicine and telehealth have changed the norm, and now health services can reach people from the comfort of their homes…