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The Story Behind MEDvidi ​

Meet Our Team​

About us

The Story Behind MEDvidi

Medvidi is an online healthcare clinic that aims to deliver fast, safe, and reliable telehealthcare services through our US-licensed healthcare providers, expert doctors, and professional therapists. We stay connected with our patients through our digital clinic. 

The Medvidi care network provides resources as well as expertise to every member here and we embrace and appreciate the diversity of our patients, employees, and investors to give rise to a welcoming and inclusive environment for anybody and everybody. 

You will not regret believing in us. Our healthcare professionals make sure that you are feeling as good as you look and aim to promote the health of our patients through integrated clinic practice. The needs of our patients are our top priority. Integrity, care, compassion, innovation, excellence and reliability make us the number one choice of our patients. We fight for the betterment of our patient’s health no matter what. 

We offer online services as well as walk-in care to our patients. With a plethora of medical knowledge, our licensed doctors deliver the highest quality care and attention to all our patients. We are the care that you can trust in. 

The passion for healing is what makes us different from others!

Meet Our Team​

Vasili Razhnou
Alex Kulitski
Julia Guzman

Medical team

Carly Stansell
Dr Mark Allan Zager
Dr Rodriguez
Chery Lynn Bugailiskis
Dr Scott B Roberts
Dr Clendenin