Refund Policy

Last updated: March 24, 2023

  • If the Member cancels before the delivery of the Services through the customer care via the App online (the “Chat”) or at the MEDvidi call center, a 100% refund will be initiated. 
  • If MEDvidi initiates cancellation/rescheduling before delivery of the Services and the Member refuses the same, a 100% refund will be initiated. In case, the payment is not made, there will be no refund.
  • If the Member cancels the Services after the delivery has commenced, MEDvidi will stop the Services and initiate a full 100% refund of the payment made.
  • If the Member is not satisfied with the Services, a refund of the payment will not be initiated. MEDvidi will offer the Member an option to repeat the Services at its discretion.
  • If the Member makes an incorrect billing, the exceeding amount will be returned back. The Member should contact MEDvidi customer care via the Chat or at the MEDvidi call center.
  • In case, the amount paid by Member is lesser than the price of the obtained Services, the Member will have to pay the remaining amount to MEDvidi.

Appointment Cancellation, “No-Shows” and Late Arrival

This policy is to monitor and manage appointment no-shows, late cancellations, and late arrival instances. At MEDvidi, we believe in providing high quality telehealthcare to our patients in a timely manner. If it’s necessary to cancel the appointment, it must be done 24 hours prior to the appointment time for it to not be considered a no-show. It helps manage and utilize appointments for other patients who need urgent medical care.

“No Show” shall mean any patient who fails to show up for a scheduled appointment. “Same Day Cancellation” shall mean any patient who cancels an appointment less than 24 hours before their appointment time. “Late Arrival” shall mean any patient who shows up on the video appointment 15 minutes after the expected arrival time for the scheduled appointment.


Any missed appointment shall be deemed a “no-show” when a patient misses an appointment without notifying the clinic or its answering service twenty-four hours prior to the scheduled date and time of the appointment.

“No-shows” inconvenience those individuals who need access to medical care in a timely manner, as well as a healthcare provider. Failure to be present at the time of a scheduled appointment will be recorded in the patient’s chart as a “no-show”. First-time “no-shows” are not subject to a no-show fee. However, any subsequent “no-show” shall result in a fee of $25.00 for follow-up and $50.00 for initial appointment.

Late Cancellation

Any late cancellations will be considered a “no-show.” Exceptions will only be made in extraordinary circumstances. Cancellations made more than twenty-four hours in advance of your scheduled appointment time will not be deemed a “no-show”, nor would a cancellation fee apply.

In the event a patient has incurred three (3) documented “no-shows” and/or “same-day cancellations,” the patient’s chart is reviewed and the appointment confirmation is determined by the provider only.

Late Arrival

In the event a patient joins the appointment link late as defined by “late arrival”, and cannot be seen by the provider on the same day, they will be rescheduled for a later date, if available. If their provider is not available, a reminder will be placed for the patient to call to make a future appointment once the schedule opens.