Refund Policy

  • If the Member cancels before the delivery of the Services through the customer care via the App online (the “Chat”) or at the MEDvidi call center, a 100% refund will be initiated. 
  • If MEDvidi initiates cancellation/rescheduling before delivery of the Services and the Member refuses the same, a 100% refund will be initiated. In case, the payment is not made, there will be no refund.
  • If the Member cancels the Services after the delivery has commenced, MEDvidi will stop the Services and initiate a full 100% refund of the payment made.
  • If the Member is not satisfied with the Services, a refund of the payment will not be initiated. MEDvidi will offer the Member an option to repeat the Services at its discretion.
  • If the Member makes an incorrect billing, the exceeding amount will be returned back. The Member should contact MEDvidi customer care via the Chat or at the MEDvidi call center.
  • In case, the amount paid by Member is lesser than the price of the obtained Services, the Member will have to pay the remaining amount to MEDvidi.