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Anxiety Treatment

Anxiety can be debilitating. From the comfort of your own home and our professional approach, and proper diagnosis we’ll make sure you’re not neglecting your mental health condition and will help to prevent it from becoming chronic.

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ADD/ADHD Treatment​

Inability to focus, apathy, forgetfulness – those are only a few of many ADD/ADHD symptoms. Talk to our providers to benefit from MEDvidi’s strong diagnostics base and advanced therapy methodologies in ADD/ADHD treatment.

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Stress Management

Stress can be caused by literally anything. While meds are the common way to treat stress, make sure you don’t take the wrong ones. Consult our providers for a professional evaluation of your condition and personal treatment.

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Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

CFS symptoms usually are very subtle. If you experience an absence of interest in physical and mental activities or low energy levels, we strongly recommend going through our advanced CFS screening.

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OCD Treatment

MEDvidi All-Around approach to Obsessive Compulsive Disorder treatment includes advanced Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and the right medications to achieve long-lasting results for our patients.

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Depression Treatment

We know that depression has many different types and each one requires its own treatment. Our licensed providers create a personalized care plan per each case and it may include meds, psychotherapy, or both. 

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COVID-19 Online Consultation

We care deeply about your health. Talk to MEDvidi doctors for the most suitable treatment recommendations for any symptoms you may be noticing and associating with Coronavirus.

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Online Health Assessment

To get your general health assessed from the comfort of your own home MEDvidi doctors work with you online using our advanced diagnostics methodologies.

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Our Patients’ Reviews & Testimonials

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Our Patients’ Reviews & Testimonials

What Do Our Patients Say About Us?


During the second lockdown, I needed to see my mental health therapist for my ADHD condition. But that wasn’t possible. MEDvidi was recommended to me by a friend of mine and I was on my online therapy the same day. Dr. Bugailiskis was amazing – Thanks!

Anna F.
San Francisco, CA

I visit the clinic mainly for getting treated for my headaches as I was diagnosed with GAD. I got a personalized treatment plan from my therapist at MEDvidi and my condition is getting better day-by-day. It’s so good to have my headaches well -controlled. 

Kelly M.
Tampa, FL

I used to have depressive episodes for most of the day, sometimes staying in bed 24/7, not talking to anybody. Online therapy seemed like an option to try my way out of it – that’s how I started my treatment with MEDvidi – best decision ever!

Tom S.
Miami, FL
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The Science Behind MEDvidi

Our healthcare professionals aim to promote the health of our patients. The needs of our patients are the top priority. Integrity, care, compassion, innovation, excellence and reliability make us the number one choice of our patients and one of the best healthcare facilities to provide all the services from the comfort of your home. 

"We are the pioneers of AI healthcare, delivering health coast to coast, and aim to provide fast, safe, and reliable digital healthcare services anywhere and everywhere."

Patient's FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

MEDvidi rapidly expands its services nationwide and currently is available in 12 states. Upon your Sign up, you’ll be able to choose from our mental health treatment services available in your state of residence. 

The cost of online video-visit through MEDvidi currently is not covered by your insurance and is offered at a much lower price, as opposed to the one you would pay for visiting a doctor in a brick and mortar clinic. However, the costs of the prescribed medications through MEDvidi may be covered by your insurance depending on its terms and conditions, just like any other prescription.
Yes, all MEDvidi healthcare providers have a valid US medical license and are board-certified in their specialties.
MEDvidi offers telehealth care in many medical domains. In any non-emergency case, indicate your symptoms or your medical condition and complete an online 1-minute health pre-screening which serves an important prerequisite to a successful online video-visit with your doctor at MEDvidi.
As soon as you book your online video-visit with a doctor at MEDvidi and complete an online 1-minute health pre-screening, you will be asked to confirm the appointment. Once confirmed, you will receive a secure link to your video-visit. Please note that due to the current situation with COVID-19, doctor appointments are going to be confirmed by MEDvidi client care department managers.

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We are dedicated to provide quality patient care while unrelenting attention to patient safety, unparalleled compassion, excellence and utter commitment to assure the very best health care for those we serve

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