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Everyone feels anxious from time to time, but constant or severe symptoms require medical attention.
Your path to mental health includes three steps:

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3. Ongoing therapy and prescription management

See a healthcare provider regularly to keep track of your progress and adjust your medical treatment plan.

Online support for anxiety is a comprehensive process. Our medical providers offer unique strategies for every patient and adjust treatment plans when needed.

What Makes MEDvidi Different?

Licensed mental health professionals with extensive experience.

Personalized mental health treatment based on your symptoms, health history, and goals.

Multimodal strategies containing medications, therapy, or their mix.

Ongoing guidance and follow-ups from the very beginning to relief.

Convenient online counseling and prescription management via telemedicine services.

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What Is Anxiety?

Anxiety is an emotion that normally occurs in response to stressful situations. It is characterized by fear, worries, restlessness, and physical body reactions like headaches, nausea, shortness of breath, or hypertension.

Anxiety disorders often differ in the severity and frequency of symptoms. These are mental illnesses that affect your day-to-day life and often require professional assistance: therapy sessions or medications.

Common Anxiety Symptoms

Get diagnosed at MEDvidi in two steps:
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Major Types of Anxiety Include:

Generalized Anxiety Disorder

GAD is a medical condition defined as an overwhelming and exaggerated feeling of unease. It can cause a person to constantly worry about everyday matters and influences daily functioning hence requiring mental health care.

Social Anxiety Disorder

Social phobia is a type of fear or embarrassment that occurs in one or several social situations.

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

OCD is a type of anxiety disorder that involves obsessions (intrusive thoughts) and compulsions (repetitive behaviors: checking things, washing hands, etc.). The goal of treating this mental health condition is to eliminate/manage obsessions and reduce compulsive rituals.

Panic Disorder

A person with a panic disorder experiences mental and physical symptoms. These include panic attacks and a feeling of intense fear, shortness of breath, and chest pain, among others.

Postpartum Anxiety

All parents worry about their children but in some cases, these feelings become excessive. These may involve constant fear, fatigue, sleep problems, and physical symptoms, such as trembling, nausea, etc., and require treatment.

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

PTSD may develop as a reaction to frightening or traumatic events. It can be experienced by participants or witnesses of dangerous situations and often affects day-to-day functioning. Common symptoms of PTSD include flashbacks, dissociation, recurrent memories, nightmares, and severe worries.

The best treatment for anxiety disorder is a comprehensive plan developed by a licensed doctor. It can include prescription management, therapy sessions, and learning self-help techniques.

This condition comes in many forms and may be caused by both physical and mental issues. If you constantly feel anxious, consider visiting a professional to go through an assessment and get first-line treatment for anxiety. While self-help stress-management techniques may reduce symptoms, only a healthcare provider can recommend the most effective treatment. It can include medications, psychotherapy, changes in daily routines, or other approaches.

Severe symptoms may require taking medications. Also, cognitive-behavioral therapy, psychodynamic therapy, and exposure therapy proved to be beneficial. Before visiting a mental health expert for anxiety disorder treatment and a prescription for anxiety medicine online, it’s beneficial to practice relaxation techniques, be physically active, and avoid alcohol and caffeine.

Anxiety Assessment

Answering online anxiety screening tests cannot replace medical assessments conducted by a licensed healthcare professional. At MEDvidi, you can get diagnosed with anxiety online after a consultation with a mental health expert.

1. A healthcare professional examines your symptoms and how they influence your work, education, relationships, and other areas of life.

2. The signs of anxiety can also indicate the presence of other conditions like depression, so it is important to rule them out. A provider will use the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5) and other resources to confirm the diagnosis.

Connect with a licensed mental health professional via telemedicine who will provide you with a diagnosis and a personalized treatment plan.

How Anxiety Affects Your Life If Left Untreated

The earlier you obtain an assessment and start treatment, the better results you can achieve and the fewer consequences you may face.

Without professional help, untreated anxiety disorders might lead to:

The Solution Is Out There

Obtain a professional online diagnosis from a licensed mental health professional after completing an online anxiety assessment at MEDvidi.

Your Anxiety Treatment Plan

Our healthcare professionals will assess your symptoms and overall health history. They will help you investigate potential causes of your condition and will develop a personalized treatment plan for you. Be it an FDA-approved medication or psychotherapy with elements of learning self-help techniques, we’ll find an approach that is best suited to you.

1. Defining the Diagnosis

Our doctors start with a thorough assessment to identify your condition and establish a suitable comprehensive treatment plan.

2. Choosing Treatment Options

The most effective treatment for anxiety includes prescription management and counseling. In some cases, you may be recommended to attend group therapy.

3. Follow-ups and Adjustments

According to your treatment plan, you will have follow-up appointments with a medical provider, a psychotherapist, or both. A healthcare provider will tailor your anxiety disorder treatment according to your progress, concerns, and goals.

You won’t feel lost. The online medical team at MEDvidi offers comprehensive guidance from the very first telemedicine appointment.

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They really do go above and beyond to help clients. You can do a telehealth visit right over the phone or video call for anxiety meds the very same day. In this day in age, that is major. I was skeptical at first so i called the customer service department to see if it was a legit company and it is.

I paid, set up my appointment, spoke to a doctor and received my medication within a couple of hours.

Date of experience: May 16, 2023

Treatment plans for anxiety disorders should meet the needs of every particular patient. They include medications, therapy sessions, or a combination of both. The plan is adjusted according to an individual’s response to treatment.

Medication management is one of the most common treatment strategies for anxiety. Still, it is not an imperative step, and in some cases, psychotherapy has similar effectiveness. Also, there is short-term and long-term treatment, and the duration is defined by the doctor based on the patient’s symptoms and other factors.

At MEDvidi, we develop personalized plans based on the information gathered during an assessment. It includes present symptoms, diagnosis, health history, and associated factors. Every plan can be tailored to a specific goal and adjusted based on an individual’s progress.

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Types of Therapy for Anxiety Treatment

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy

CBT is the first-line therapy for anxiety and panic attacks. It is effective in defining triggers, finding healthier ways to react in different situations, and eliminating stress.

Interpersonal Therapy

Initially developed to treat depression, interpersonal therapy has proven to be beneficial for anxiety treatment. It focuses on improving your relationships through a thorough review of major connections and issues associated with them, role-playing, and other techniques.

Psychodynamic Therapy

Psychodynamic therapy is commonly used in social anxiety treatment. It emphasizes the need to identify the roots of certain symptoms: situations, experiences, and triggers. It can help you to modify your coping mechanisms into those that are more healthy.

Exposure Therapy

Exposure therapy involves diverse exercises, activities, and deep analytical processes. It can help you reduce the influence of triggers on your physical and emotional states.

Benefit from a personalized treatment plan for anxiety.

Anxiety Prescription Management

Pharmacological treatment of anxiety disorders is varied and is developed individually. The choice of medication depends on your diagnosis, other medicines that you are prescribed, and additional aspects revealed during an assessment.

Commonly Prescribed Medications


The most common antidepressants prescribed to treat anxiety are SSRIs and SNRIs. Tricyclics and MAOIs are less popular because of their unfavorable side effects. Another antidepressant with proven high efficacy in curing such disorders is.


Benzodiazepines are used as a short-term treatment because of addiction risks. They are prescribed to eliminate panic attacks and to help deal with persistent symptoms of chronic anxiety.


Buspirone is a specific anti-anxiety medication that reduces symptoms such as fear, dizziness, tension, irritability, and others.


Beta-blockers are usually prescribed to treat heart-related conditions, but they are also effective in treating anxiety disorder symptoms. The most commonly prescribed ones are:

Trust MEDvidi professionals to choose the most suitable anxiety treatment.

Advantages of Online Prescriptions

No more waiting for weeks, standing in long lines, and losing documents. Treatment at MEDvidi offers an option of online anxiety medication prescriptions from the comfort of your home.
MEDvidi Mental Telehealth Traditional Clinics
Cost of an initial visit $195 $400-500
Appointments within 24 hours yes no
Booking or rescheduling visits in a minute yes no
Scheduling multiple visits in advance yes no
Saving time on travel yes no
Video appointments from home or any location yes no
Online prescriptions sent to your pharmacy yes no
Online prescription refills and treatment adjustments yes no
Fast and caring responses from the Care Team yes no
Over 60+ providers specializing in mental health yes no

Obtaining a prescription for anxiety meds online requires an online consultation with a licensed specialist. MEDvidi doctors diagnose conditions during a telemedicine counseling session and can provide anxiety prescriptions online if deemed medically necessary.

Such medications are prescribed by psychiatrists, general practitioners, and psychiatric nurse practitioners. At MEDvidi, you may be prescribed anxiety medication online from a licensed healthcare provider.

To obtain a prescription for anxiety medication, you have to visit a licensed mental health professional, go through a detailed assessment, and receive a diagnosis. Based on your diagnosis and overall health history, you may be provided with a prescription if this treatment option is appropriate in your particular case.

Useful Materials

Just like other conditions, people with anxiety disorders cannot diagnose themselves — an assessment conducted by a mental health expert is imperative. Still, learning more about the symptoms, coping techniques, and self-help treatment options is a beneficial addition to counseling or prescription management.

Want to Defeat Anxiety?

Your symptoms can be overwhelming, but we know how to help you manage them. Ask MEDvidi professionals about treatment options suitable for your particular situation, attend virtual counseling, and obtain a consult for medication management.

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Yes, MEDvidi offers virtual consultations with licensed healthcare providers who can evaluate your symptoms and medical history to determine if a prescription for anxiety medication is appropriate.

Yes, online therapy can be effective in helping patients with anxiety. Online therapy allows you to get professional support and evidence-based treatments from licensed therapists via secure video calls.

Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) is widely regarded as one of the most effective forms of therapy for anxiety. It focuses on identifying and changing negative thought patterns and behaviors associated with anxiety. Other approaches, such as dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) and mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR), can also be beneficial.

The best online doctors to talk to about anxiety are typically psychiatrists, medical doctors (MDs), nurse practitioners (NPs), and physician assistants (PAs). They can develop a personalized treatment plan and prescribe anxiety medications best suited for you.

If the healthcare professional determines that anxiety medication is appropriate for your condition, they can prescribe it to you digitally and send it to your preferred pharmacy.

There are no specific anxiety medications that cannot be prescribed online in the US. Prescribing practices may depend on the regulations of each state and the licenses of healthcare providers. Providers at MEDvidi are certified to prescribe a diverse range of anxiety medications online, including controlled substances and non-controlled medicines.

When discussing your anxiety with your online therapist, you can express your concerns and should be honest about your symptoms. Explain your symptoms, the impact they have on your daily life, and whether non-medication approaches or coping mechanisms can provide sufficient relief.

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