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Burnout Explained

Carol Milters
Francisco Mendes
Marie (MEDvidi)

Did you know that the most popular Google search in May 2022 was "burnout symptoms"?

According to the American Psychological Association’s 2021 Work and Wellbeing Survey, three out of five employees experienced the negative effects of work-related stress, which included



Significant levels
of physical fatigue


A loss of interest,
motivation, or energy

Attend our webinar – and you won’t be a part of these statistics anymore.
You deserve to lead a fulfilling life and enjoy both your job and leisure. And we are ready to share the tips and ideas that will help you achieve that.

Burnout Explained.
Part 1

Burnout Explained.
Part 2

How was it?

Evie Spencer

You, guys, are true inspiration! It’s time to choose me and my wellbeing!

Phoenix Boyer

Great topic! It is a big relief to finally understand that my negative experience is not unique and there are solutions for dealing with it.

Kerry Tate

Hearing a professional speaking about something so relatable is an awakening. I will start tracking my symptoms to prevent another burnout.

Oliver O'Ryan

Thanks for the invaluable information! For me as a team lead, it is crucial to know how I can maintain a healthy working climate and notice the signs of burnout.

The webinar series will be
useful for

Managers, HRs and Team Leaders

Who want to maintain the mental-health-friendly environment and see the blooming team members, not burnt and stressed ones.

Those who are at burnout risk

To recognise burnout as well as be aware of the early symptoms and nip it in the bud.

Entrepreneurs and CEOs

Who are keen on implementing burnout-preventing insights so as to reach the KPI without burnt crust.

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Marie (MEDvidi)

Are you with us?