Trazodone (Oleptro) For Depression

Pamelor medication

Pamelor Uses: How It Helps Depression and Migraines

Pamelor is a popular prescription antidepressant. Medical specialists find this medication more effective for the endogenous major depressive disorder caused by internal stressors instead of for an externally-influenced depressive episode. Because of its characteristics resulting from the mechanism of action and drug class, Pamelor is…

Oleptro (trazodone)

Trazodone (Oleptro) for Depression: Dosage, Side Effects, Withdrawal Symptoms

Mental health conditions like major depressive disorder (MDD) are not just about losing interest in your hobbies and getting overwhelmed with the feeling of sadness and anxiety. It can also make it hard to think, communicate, and be active. You may notice changes in your appetite and weight, feel tired constantly…

Remeron for depression

Remeron for Depression: Uses, Dosage, Side Effects

Remeron is the brand name for mirtazapine, an atypical antidepressant medication. It is one of the drugs under the class of Tetracyclic, Alpha 2 agonists. It is approved by the US Food and Drug Administration for depression treatment in adults. The drug modulates the brain chemicals, norepinephrine and serotonin…

Pristiq for depression

Pristiq for Depression: Basic Facts You Need to Know

About 21 million Americans suffer from major depressive disorder (MDD), according to data from the National Institute of Mental Health. Even though the symptoms of this condition are standard, they may manifest themselves differently in patients, so therapy or medications are chosen individually. Moreover, patients respond…