Who can diagnose ADHD in adults
What Doctors Treat ADHD: A Complete Review

ADHD is a specialty condition, so not every medical practitioner can perform proper diagnosis and treatment. Moreover, not all the professionals who can make a legit diagnosis are qualified to determine the best treatment plan. So, what doctor treats ADHD whom you have to see to get comprehensive care? Let’s delve into the details.

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Why Seek Treatment from a Specialist ADHD Doctor

Typically, ADHD diagnosis is quite tricky. It’s not surprising for people to mistakenly believe they have ADHD after hearing about the symptoms. And it’s not uncommon for people with ADHD signs to deny they have it. That is why only an ADHD doctor can set matters straight by giving a proper diagnosis.

It’s also easy to confuse the symptoms of ADHD with personality disorders and other mental issues like depression and anxiety. Some people, including a few medical practitioners, don’t believe ADHD is real. They consider certain symptoms like being disorganized and impulsive as normal for particular individuals. Though these symptoms may seem ordinary, they tend to go beyond the limits in ADHD cases and affect the person’s quality of life.

According to the National Institute of Mental Health, the rate of adult ADHD in the U.S is 4.4%, which means for every 22 adults, one has ADHD. Also, medical groups such as the American Medical Association, American Psychiatric Association, and American Academy of Pediatrics recognize ADHD as a legitimate disorder that requires treatment.

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What Type of Doctor Treats ADHD in Adults

Even though general practitioners can help point out ADHD symptoms, they’re not qualified to offer specific treatments for it. And considering the great chance of ADHD misdiagnosis, it’s best to go for a specialist. ADHD professionals comprise doctors who have received special training on the disorder:

  • Psychiatrists. These are medical doctors who specialize in mental illnesses. They can help with diagnosis and prescription.
  • Psychologists. These are professionals who study the human mind and how it affects behavior in various circumstances. They can help with ADHD diagnosis and counseling.
  • Neurologists. They’re doctors who study the nervous system, including the brain and the disorders that affect it. They can help with ADHD diagnosis and prescription.

In addition to the above three specialists, a master-level therapist can help with the initial screening and counseling. And although a family physician or a nurse practitioner may not be an ADHD expert, they can give prescriptions.

How to Tell If a Doctor Can Treat ADHD

Understanding how to talk to your doctor about ADHD can help assess their qualification. But most patients fear that questioning their doctors about their qualifications may seem offensive. Is that true?

If you wanted to hire skilled labor to handle a critical task, most likely, you’d interview them to assess their competence. Why not do the same with an ADHD doctor? After all, a health problem has a more profound impact on your well-being.

Fortunately, most doctors understand their patients’ concerns regarding their qualifications. So they’re more willing to address those issues when you raise them.

But how do you ask them respectfully? Here are five questions you can ask a doctor to know if they can treat ADHD.

  1. How many ADHD patients have you treated?
  2. How many years have you been treating adults with ADHD?
  3. What does the treatment process involve? Is there a test, interview, check on family history, therapy, and medication?
  4. How do you charge for the treatment?
  5. Do you have special training for ADHD?

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What type of doctor treats ADHD

How Do Doctors Diagnose ADHD

A specialist who diagnoses ADHD relies on the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) 5th Edition. This guide lists all the symptoms of ADHD in adults, among other conditions.

There’s no single test for ADHD. A doctor has to conduct several tests to rule out the possibility of other mental disorders that have similar symptoms to ADHD. Also, a doctor for ADHD can use the following methods during the diagnosis:

  • Interviewing the spouse, family members, and colleagues of the adult with ADHD. Having more than one respondent increases the accuracy of the diagnosis.
  • Reviewing family history for possibilities of inherited ADHD or early childhood causes.
  • Using ADHD rating scales to determine the presence and seriousness of the symptoms.

If your doctor uses these methods during a diagnosis, the results can be more accurate. However, specific approaches may vary from one doctor to another, but the final result should be similar.

Find a Doctor Who Can Prescribe ADHD Medication for Adults

As mentioned above, the best doctors for ADHD diagnosis are psychiatrists, psychologists, and neurologists. Also, a master-level therapist can help with the initial screening. And one thing to know is that talk therapy may not be enough for some patients, and they will require medications. And to get a prescription, you can only go to a psychiatrist, a neurologist, or a family doctor.

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