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There are different types of anxiety disorders, each characterized by unique symptoms and triggers. We know how important it is to deliver customized treatment to effectively address them.

Generalized anxiety disorder (GAD)

GAD is characterized by intense and persistent unease, causing constant, overwhelming worry about everyday life. This condition significantly disrupts routine functioning and quality of life, making it essential to seek mental health care to attain peace of mind.

Panic disorder

This condition is characterized by recurrent and unexpected panic attacks, each of which can be a harrowing experience. A person with a panic disorder experiences a profound and often overwhelming array of mental and physical symptoms that can profoundly impact their everyday life.

Social anxiety disorder

Social phobia, also known as social anxiety disorder, is a paralyzing fear or embarrassment that can occur in various social situations. Many patients affected by this condition may experience extreme discomfort, self-consciousness, and challenges with social skills in everyday interactions, public speaking, or social gatherings.

Specific phobias

Specific phobias represent a subtype of anxiety disorders. They are marked by an overwhelming and irrational dread of a particular object, situation, or activity. Unlike unpredictable panic attacks, the symptoms of specific phobias are typically triggered by a particular stimulus, so patients often develop avoidance behaviors.

There are different types of anxiety disorders, each characterized by unique symptoms and triggers. We know how important it is to deliver customized treatment to effectively address them.

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Anxiety Treatment Types

The typical anxiety treatment comprises these key components:

Medication management

Anxiety medications help alleviate symptoms by restoring the neurochemical balance in the brain.


Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) and exposure therapy help address and transform irrational thoughts, emotions, and anxiety-related behaviors.

Lifestyle modifications

Сalming activities, sleep hygiene, regular physical activity, and other healthy habits can help reduce excessive anxiety and expedite recovery.

Anxiety Treatment: Prescription Management in Texas

Our Texas-licensed medical professionals can prescribe anxiety medication through a telehealth platform. The decision to prescribe medication depends on the diagnosis, condition severity, medical history, and other details revealed during the initial consultation.

Commonly Prescribed Medications


Antidepressants are frequently prescribed for anxiety disorders because they influence neurotransmitters serotonin and norepinephrine, helping to regulate emotions.


Benzodiazepines are typically used for short-term treatment due to their risk of addiction. They are prescribed to manage panic attacks and alleviate excessive worry and other symptoms.


Buspirone is an anxiolytic medicine commonly prescribed for generalized anxiety disorder. It influences serotonin and dopamine levels, helping balance mood.


Although primarily used to address heart-related conditions, beta-blockers have shown effectiveness in managing the physical symptoms associated with anxiety disorders.
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If anxiety symptoms start impacting daily life and well-being, consult a healthcare provider to begin the recovery process. These are some cues that it might be time to reach out for professional help: excessive persistent worry, behavioral changes, avoidance, physical symptoms, and an increased number of issues in relationships because of anxiety.
Both medication treatment and therapy are effective for reducing anxiety, depending on individual needs. A variety of mental health professionals, such as general practitioners, psychologists, psychiatrists, clinical social workers, and psychiatric nurses, can provide treatment for anxiety disorders.
Effective treatment for mental health disorders, such as anxiety, typically involves a comprehensive plan created by a licensed healthcare provider. It may include prescription management, therapy sessions, and self-help techniques. The choice of options is made based on individual symptoms and other circumstances.
Yes, medical providers at MEDvidi can prescribe anti-anxiety medications online after assessing your symptoms and medical history. If a healthcare provider determines that medication is necessary in your case, they will provide you with an online prescription and send it digitally to your preferred pharmacy.

Our healthcare professionals can prescribe anxiety medications like Xanax via online consultations. Please be aware that the necessity for medication is evaluated by your clinician, considering symptoms, their effect on daily life, medical history, and other variables. Consult a professional to determine the most appropriate treatment options.

MEDvidi extends online anxiety treatment in Texas (TX), Arizona (AZ), California (CA), Colorado (CO), Florida (FL), Illinois (IL), Indiana (IN), New York (NY), North Carolina (NC), Ohio (OH), Pennsylvania (PA), Virginia (VA), Wisconsin (WI).

Currently, MEDvidi doesn’t accept insurance. We are working on collaborating with several insurers and we will notify our patients when these partnerships become valid to ensure convenience for everyone.
At this moment, healthcare providers at MEDvidi do not conduct psychotherapy sessions. However, they can provide recommendations on how to modify thinking and behavioral patterns to expedite your recovery. We will notify our patients once psychotherapy becomes available at MEDvidi.

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