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ADHD Forgetfulness: What Are the Best Ways to Deal With It?

ADHD forgetfulness
Written by:

Rabia Khaliq

MSc in Applied Psychology


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Forgetting something occasionally is quite common. But for someone with ADHD forgetting things is more often. It can involve missing routine tasks because of problems with working memory.

Forgetting minor things isn’t harmful; however, it can affect your life, relationships, and career when it becomes chronic. In addition, it can be annoying, if not downright unpleasant, to forget things, even little ones.

The good news is that there are strategies you may use to control your ADHD forgetfulness. The abilities outlined below can help you stay on track in life if you put them into practice. Read the details below to access practical advice.

Start with a free online ADHD test with SmartCare to see whether you have any symptoms.

Are Adults With ADHD Forgetful?

In individuals with ADHD, forgetting some trivial and even important activities is common because ADHD may affect working memory — a short-term memory bank. Working memory stores information for a brief period, processes it and turns it into usable data. After that, the data is kept in long-term memory.

Working memory involves keeping and organizing information, paying attention to new details, swapping out irrelevant pieces of information for more pertinent ones, and keeping necessary things in mind while performing other tasks.

Not everyone with ADHD struggles with working memory impairments. However, when such problems occur, a person is more likely to suffer the numerous ADHD symptoms linked to inattentiveness, disorganization, and issues with executive function.

ADHD Forgetfulness Examples

Forgetting is a common symptom of ADHD. Adult ADHDers may struggle with memory in the following ways:

  • Missing important deadlines
  • Difficulty recalling names
  • Losing items
  • Immediately forgetting what others have said to them
  • Difficulty remembering details of events

ADHD Forgetfulness: Tips on Overcoming It

Without memory issues, it’s critical to create coping mechanisms and alternate learning techniques that rely less on the brain’s working memory. Below are some suggestions for those with ADHD and forgetfulness, though these techniques may vary:

1. Memory Exercise

If you want to enhance your memory, performing memory exercises is what could really help you. These memory drills are not only beneficial for ADHD forgetfulness, but they can also serve as a diversion from uncontrollable thoughts. You may easily practice these by making a drawing or other vivid representation of what you want to remember. By doing this, you provide your mind with a visual memory anchor. Utilizing acronyms or other mnemonic devices where the letters of a word stand in for other words in a phrase are examples of additional memory exercises.

2. Try Management Tools for ADHD

There are many management tools for ADHD that can assist you with forgetfulness and other related symptoms like disorganization or inattentiveness. The things you want to remember can be organized using apps, reminders, and calendars. On your phone, you can set reminders for crucial dates or deadlines. These might lessen the pressure you might experience when attempting to remember everything.

Set an appointment with a mental health doctor if you have memory issues due to ADHD.

3. Designate a Place for Important Things

Having a location to keep daily necessities like keys, wallets, medicines, or ID is a wonderful idea if you frequently forget them. You can set aside a small space next to your bedroom or entryway where you can store all of these items and quickly access them when needed. You may even place anything that you will require soon, such as a finished assignment that you must turn in the following day.

Does ADHD make you forgetful
4. Don’t Get Anxious

You could experience stress if there is a deadline for a task or an upcoming important event because you worry that you will forget something or make a mistake. That, however, is not the answer. Your concern and anxiety will increase your likelihood of experiencing stress, which might impair your memory. Use calming language and inspiring self-talk. Encourage yourself by telling yourself kind things and that you can and will succeed.

5. Talk to Other People

You can always ask members of your close circle to assist you in remembering things if it makes you feel more at ease. You should be specific about why you require assistance and the types of reminders that are most effective for you. You can request your friends, family members, and colleagues at your workplace to help you out.

6. Write Down Important Instructions

Anyone can find complex tasks tough. There’s a chance you’ll overlook crucial information or directions. For difficult jobs, make a checklist and cross each step off as you complete it. This way, you can always go to the checklist to see what has to be done next and when you are truly done with the task.

7. Practice Meditation

Consider trying meditation if you feel that your ADHD forgetfulness is taking over. By removing distractions and improving concentration and attention, meditation can benefit people with ADHD. Working memory capacity, reading comprehension, and focus can all be significantly improved after just two weeks of mindfulness meditation, according to a study by UC Santa Barbara researchers.

8. Get Medical Assistance

You might need to consider medications after consultation with a doctor if your forgetfulness develops into a chronic condition and seems too difficult to manage daily. Memory issues can occasionally be brought on by an underlying condition like anxiety, sadness, or sleeplessness. If so, supplements that provide your body with the vitamins and minerals that help to maintain optimal brain function can aid these conditions. In addition, your working memory may be enhanced by medications that control behaviors associated with ADHD. These drugs sharpen your focus and lessen the overwhelming nature of regular chores.

Bottom Line

It can be distressing to have ADHD forgetfulness. While working memory deficits can cause difficulties in daily life, even if individuals with ADHD do not have problems with long-term memory, these challenges are solvable if you are committed to finding a solution.

If your issue worsens, it is preferable to seek professional assistance. Connect with MEDvidi’s ADHD specialists for comprehensive help.

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Written by:

Rabia Khaliq

MSc in Applied Psychology


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