Dr. Umar Javed, MBBS

Dr. Umar Javed, MBBS

Dr. Umar Javed is a Medical Editor at MEDvidi. He completed his medical degree (MBBS) from a reputable Medical University in Pakistan. In addition to holding a medical license in his home country, he is also registered with the General Medical Council (UK) and the Medical Council of Ireland as a physician. After working in a hospital setting, he joined MEDvidi’s editorial team with the mission of transforming digital health.

He helps create the most up-to-date, science-backed, and detailed patient information for MEDvidi’s telehealth platform using his expertise and research skills. His particular area of interest and research includes the most common mental healthcare problems facing adults, including ADHD, anxiety, depression, insomnia, and others.

He plans to continue his medical education journey in psychiatry and improve the standard of online mental healthcare care through quality research.

My intention is to write carefully researched and up-to-date content, helping MEDvidi remain a trustworthy source for anyone dealing with mental health problems.

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What is selective mutism

How Selective Mutism Affects Adults & Ways to Deal with It

Selective mutism is a rare mental health disorder that primarily affects children. However, if left untreated, it can continue into adulthood. It is often associated with social anxiety, but it is a different mental health condition with its own unique features. This article will discuss all the ins and outs of selective mutism in adults…

Rejection Sensitive Dysphoria (RSD)

Rejection Sensitive Dysphoria (RSD): How It Impacts You?

Suppose you have just received an email notification. It is from the HR of the company that you have recently interviewed with. You are sure to get this job after your amazing performance in the series of interviews. However, when you open your email, it starts with ‘We are sorry…’ How would you feel at that moment?…

Illness Anxiety Disorder

Illness Anxiety Disorder: Symptoms, Causes, and Treatment

Do you constantly worry about your health? Do you frequently visit different doctors to seek assurances about your symptoms? Do you repeatedly insist on getting your blood tests and scans done? If that is the case, you might be suffering from a condition known as an illness anxiety disorder (IAD). It is a psychological disorder…

Mood disorders: types, causes, symptoms, treatment

Mood Disorders: Types, Causes, Symptoms & Treatment

The mood is often defined in terms of predominant emotions of happiness or sadness. Usually, moods are stable and do not fluctuate much. However, when a person is dealing with a mental health condition that affects mood, the relative stability is lost in their emotions, and they become overly happy or sad. Mood changes are normal…