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How Does Prozac Online Prescription Work?

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Written by:

Rabia Khaliq

MSc in Applied Psychology

Umar Javed

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Two of the most common mental health issues in the United States today are anxiety and depression. Though they are two separate disorders, people often become severely depressed when they allow their symptoms to go untreated.

Due to the complexity of these conditions, those who suffer from anxiety disorders are three to five times more likely to be hospitalized for psychiatric disorders than those who do not suffer from them. The good news is, these illnesses are highly treatable with therapy and medication. For example, Prozac, developed in the 1980s, has been used effectively as a first-line treatment for both disorders.

Prozac is a selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor (SSRI) medication also known as fluoxetine. Originally used as an antidepressant, it has also been approved by the FDA for treating other conditions such as obsessive-compulsive disorder [1*]  and panic disorder.

Although Prozac has been used for over three decades, it was only recently that researchers discovered that its efficacy significantly improves when it’s used in combination with other medications or therapies.

Fluoxetine is a prescription medication. To buy Prozac, you will need to speak with a licensed doctor.

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Mental Health Issues in the United States

In the United States, an estimated 44 million adults are affected by some type of mental health disorder. That’s more than the combined populations of New York and Florida. Unfortunately, despite those staggering statistics, only about 40% of those people receive treatment.

Thankfully, the stigma that was once attached to those diagnosed with a mental illness has changed dramatically, and the number of patients seeking help is on the rise.

Although there are numerous types of disorders, most mental health issues were classified as psychosis during the early 1900s and countless patients were institutionalized as a result. In the 1950s and ’60s, there was a push for mental health reform that included improvements in therapy and medications.

The use of new antipsychotic drugs was a tremendous help in controlling the symptoms of specific psychological disorders [2*] .

Continued enhancements since that time have helped many practitioners customize treatments based on the needs of each patient.

Anxiety Treatment

Anxiety is defined as a feeling of worry, nervousness, or unease caused by an imminent event or something with an uncertain outcome.

It can result in excessive fear, apprehension, or worry and can alter the way someone processes emotions and behavior.

Although anxiety can be a normal and healthy emotion, those who have it on a routinely disproportionate level can notice how anxiety affects their day-to-day living and may have a mental illness called anxiety disorder.

Anxiety disorder is intense and excessive. It can be accompanied by other debilitating symptoms such as difficulty breathing, extreme sweating, and heart palpitations.

While treatment for mild and moderate anxiety can include therapy, breathing techniques, meditation, exercise, or aromatherapy, treatment for extreme anxiety typically requires medications such as Prozac also known as fluoxetine.

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How Does Prozac Work for Anxiety?

Prozac works by influencing natural chemicals in the brain responsible for how we feel. There are four primary chemicals produced by our bodies that affect mood and behavior: serotonin, endorphins, oxytocin, and dopamine.

Serotonin is sometimes called the happiness hormone because it produces a feeling of safety, calmness, happiness, and self-confidence. Deficiencies in this hormone can cause increased anxiety, low self-esteem, obsessive thoughts, compulsive behavior, impulsivity, and aggressiveness. That calm, confident feeling that we sometimes feel is directly related to a normal serotonin level.

Prozac prevents the reabsorption of serotonin. Typically patients who use fluoxetine notice a decrease in symptoms and feel more relaxed. Often, they describe improvements in sleep, appetite, an increased interest in life, more energy, and the ability to focus better.

Although the benefits of using Prozac may take up to 12 weeks to be fully realized, most patients find they feel more like themselves after they have used the prescription for a short time.


Depression Treatment

Major depressive disorder, more often referred to as depression, is a common but serious medical illness that affects an estimated 1 in 15 adults each year. Although this illness can happen at any age, it most often appears during the late teens to mid-20s.

Women are more likely to experience depression than men though it is found in both populations. An estimated one-third of the women in the United States undergo a major depressive episode in their lifetime.

Depression is characterized by feelings of sadness and a loss of interest in the activities that were once enjoyed and can affect a person’s ability to function daily. As with anxiety, depression can be mild, moderate, or severe and can manifest both emotionally and physically. Changes in appetite that affect weight or changes in sleeping habits can often be linked to depression.

To be diagnosed with a major depressive disorder, a person should have the symptoms for two or more weeks. Unfortunately, many individuals who have depression typically wait many weeks or even months before they seek treatment. This trend to wait before seeking medical advice is especially troubling because other medical conditions can sometimes mimic symptoms of depression. Thyroid issues, brain tumors, or vitamin deficiency are common medical issues that can cause depression. Once these medical issues are treated, the symptoms once associated with depression become less noticeable or cease altogether.

As with anxiety, depression is treatable. Eighty to ninety percent of people diagnosed will respond well to treatment.

Evaluation for this disorder is a multi-step process. A diagnostic evaluation that includes an interview along with blood tests to rule out other medical conditions will be completed. During the initial assessment, the practitioner will identify symptoms and discuss the patient’s family history, and cultural and environmental factors.

Once a thorough review has been completed, a diagnosis is made, and a course of action is planned.

Getting Prozac Prescription

Prozac is often used to treat moderate to severe forms of depression and is considered highly effective. For milder forms of this disorder, non-medical therapies may be suggested before any medical intervention. Some self-help strategies may also be effective, but consultation with an anxiety doctor is always required first.

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Written by:

Rabia Khaliq

MSc in Applied Psychology

Umar Javed

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Written by:

Rabia Khaliq

MSc in Applied Psychology

Umar Javed



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