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Top 25 Jobs for People With Social Anxiety

Social Anxiety Disorder


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A lot is put into consideration when it comes to pursuing a career. Your skills and interest play an integral role in overcoming some of the challenges that come along during your job search.

But your state of mind and general wellbeing can also determine your success in a particular career. This is the case with people suffering from a social anxiety disorder.

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Apparently, social anxiety is prevalent among 7% of the United States general population. According to the Social Anxiety Association, this mental health condition is considered the most common in the world after depression and alcoholism.

As a matter of fact, social anxiety is more than being shy or introverted. The condition poses some challenges that may prevent you from interacting with others freely and comfortably. 

For that reason, social anxiety proves it difficult for you to perform optimally in your workplace. Despite all these constraints, you can still develop a thriving career in your entire life.

This is due to the fact that there are dozens of jobs that suit your situation. These jobs allow you to manage your anxiety while making your career path more exciting than before.

This article explores, analyses, and describes the best jobs that you can do if you have a social anxiety disorder. It further provides you with helpful information that will make it easy for you to decide on the best career choice that fits your lifestyle.

1. What Does Social Anxiety Entail?

You need a practical example to help you understand the whole story behind social anxiety. Let’s assume it is your first day at work. Obviously, you will feel nervous and a little jittery.

Such feelings are perfectly normal for someone starting a job at a new location or new environment. 

These feelings are likely to help you stay alert and be careful most of the time. The feelings will just disappear after a few days once you get used to your new co-workers and duties assigned to you.

None of that will happen if you have social anxiety. Your social anxiety will get out of hand at the initial stages of starting your new job. It will remain high regardless of how long you stay in that particular job. 

Worse still, your social anxiety status will become uncontrollable at the thought of being judged by your colleagues or bosses. Consequently, your ability to perform in the workplace will be negatively affected. 

To make it more clear for you, social anxiety is simply a type of overwhelming fear that takes control of you when you find yourself in a social situation.

Social anxiety is a common problem that usually starts as early as in the teenage years. The problem may go away for some people when they become adults but in some, it won’t just vanish without effective treatment.

Social anxiety can negatively impact your daily activities, affect your self-confidence in relationships and even make your school or work life a little bit challenging. 

2. What Are the Symptoms of Social Anxiety?

According to DSM-V, the following symptoms could mean that you have social anxiety:

  • Excessive fear or anxiety when you are in a social setup.
  • The anxiety comes as a result of being judged by others.
  • A perfect example includes social interactions such as:
    • having a one-on-one conversation with other people
    • meeting new people
    • being too obsessed with yourself
    • performing or giving a speech in front of many people.
  • Provoked fear or anxiety in a social situation.
  • Endurance of a social situation with fear and anxiety.
  • Clinically significant distress caused by:
    • Fear
    • Avoidance
    • Anxiety
  • Persistent anxiety, avoidance, or fear that can last for more than six months.
  • Fear or anxiety gets out of proportion due to actual threats posed by the social setup as well as the socio-cultural context at hand.
Social Anxiety

3. How Does Social Anxiety Disorder Affect Your Career?

Social anxiety can have a negative impact on your career. This condition can contribute to a lack of relevant communication skills with your workmates and bosses alike. It can also cause unforgettable feelings around people.

Social anxiety can still lead to poor performance at the workplace regardless of your experience, knowledge of the work, and position.

Work stress can also make your social anxiety problem get out of control. You will find your duties and responsibilities to be a little more stressful than before. This is attributed to the discomfort you may experience when other people are around you.

Due to social anxiety, you may find yourself avoiding certain job functions. If the situation gets out of hand, you may get terminated or decide to resign to have peace of mind alone. 

Examples of situations that can trigger social anxiety at your workplace include:

  • Job interviews
  • Meeting new people
  • Attending meetings with high-ranking people
  • Meeting celebrities
  • Building relationships with others
  • Interacting with prominent authoritative figures
  • Addressing large crowds
  • During phone conversations
  • Being observed by other people
  • Handling criticism whether constructive or otherwise
  • Maintaining eye contact

Basically, the above-mentioned incidents can contribute to cases of social anxiety among different groups of people. So, if such incidents have ever taken place in your life, rest assured that you’re suffering from social anxiety.

4. What Job Hunting Tips Do You Need if You Have Social Anxiety?

As you may know, job-hunting can be an exhausting process for anyone including those with social anxiety. Those struggling with social anxiety can find it difficult to interact or face new people while searching for work.

They may also find it challenging to be judged when hunting for a job. Therefore, it becomes really hard for them to be convinced or motivated to willingly go out for a job search. 

You can make your job search easy by taking into account these helpful points:

1. Look for a Job That Fits Your Skills

Your social anxiety problem should not be the reason to deny you a chance to find a job that suits you. Bear in mind that the first rule for those hunting for jobs is to look for a suitable job that fits your needs, skills, and interest.

In other words, you should focus on that particular type of work depending on your skills and ability.

Above all, you should take every challenge coming your way positively to help you develop a good attitude towards any situation. 

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2. Look for a Job With Limited Human Interaction

Make sure to look for a job position that limits your interaction with many people. It does not imply that you should search for a job that only allows you to work alone without necessarily interacting with other people.

What it means is that you should strive to find a job that only allows you to socialize with a few people.

For instance, being a graphic designer or writer can greatly help you avoid coming into contact with many people. These jobs allow you to have full control of your environment.

3. Look for a Job That Protects Your Privacy

Also, your work environment plays a significant role in controlling your social anxiety. You may find it a real challenge to work in an open space with scores of different people with different backgrounds and ideas.

Such a setup can lead to serious social anxiety situations such as answering phone calls or engaging in impromptu conversations with people you barely know well. For this reason, try to find jobs that involve a safe work environment or provide a lot of privacy.

4. Look for a Job That Considers Your Limitations

To achieve this goal, you should strive to let your interviewers or bosses know your social anxiety status. Being honest about your condition will enable your company to provide you with the most comfortable work environment.

5. Look for a Job That Doesn’t Require Much Communication

Try as much as you can to find a job position that requires much of your focus with less communication to keep your social anxiety at lower levels. The most appropriate jobs that suit this description are those that are related to data entry and research.

6. Look for a Less Competitive Job

These jobs should not involve too much stress or short deadlines. At the same time, the jobs should be less stressful to avoid unnecessary tensions that can trigger your social anxiety cases. 

5. What are the Top 25 Jobs for People With Social Anxiety?

There are numerous jobs that you can do if you have a social anxiety disorder. These jobs will enable you to earn a living while working comfortably with minimum issues of anxiety.

Examples of such jobs are explained below to help you make a quick and sound decision: 

1. A Librarian

You can work as a librarian if you find other jobs to be a little bit challenging to your social anxiety situation.

It can be even better if you love reading. Working in a library will provide you a good opportunity to read as many books as possible. Also, working as a librarian will give you an excellent opportunity to avoid more interactions with many people.

The library will allow you to engage in some of the independent activities you may not find in other jobs.

Independent tasks that a library can expose you to are:

  • Shelving books
  • Arranging magazines and journals
  • Tidying up your area of operation

Libraries are places where you can find peace, less interaction, and total silence to lower your social anxiety levels. [1*]  Such a setting is a perfect environment to avoid being overwhelmed with unnecessary interactions.

Librarians do also have brief conversations among themselves or with customers visiting the library. That is the reason why you should have customer care experience to handle different types of people.

At least this environment allows conversations and interactions that are brief and straight to the point to save time.

The type of interactions you may experience at the library is usually simultaneous and not spontaneous, which makes the whole setup manageable and easy on anyone with social anxiety problems.

Besides, the library allows you to perform your duties at your own pace. Nothing is there to stress you much or to force you to meet tight deadlines. The workload itself is manageable.

However, for you to become a librarian you should have at least a degree preferably in library science.

Additionally, you should possess these skills to make your life easier:

  • Organizational skills
  • Record-keeping
  • Analytic thinking
  • Research skills

2. A Graphic Designer

Another profession that you can handle better if you have a social anxiety disorder is graphic designing. Working as a graphic designer can give you peace of mind since you will have all the time by yourself. 

Graphic designing requires top skills in creativity and an unmatched interest in visual communications. If you think you have what it takes to create a visually appealing design, then this is your matching job. 

As a graphic designer, you can work in the comfort of your home away from many people. In this regard, you can consider yourself a freelance graphic designer to suit your social anxiety status.

Social Anxiety Disorder Causes

Graphic designers are in high demand since many companies or business owners are constantly looking for such professionals. These enterprises are in need of people who can create logos, illustrations, brand identities, and product designs.

You could be one of these highly sought-after professionals.

To become a graphic designer, you need to acquire a bachelor’s degree. But that should not discourage you from venturing further into graphic design. Some companies prefer someone’s skills and experience rather than academic papers.

All that you need is your ability to use certain software related to graphic design, take craft-related courses, or possess a good portfolio that showcases your previous projects.

3. A Writer

Writing can be a good career for you, especially if you have an anxiety disorder. It can even be an interesting job if you are creative. Your creativity will enable you to use words that inspire your readers.

Most significantly, this is a flexible job that does not require interacting or meeting many people daily.

Writing needs you to focus on your work in order to come up with the most compelling piece of information for others to read and enjoy. It certainly helps you create a comfortable environment that excludes people of all kinds.

You can choose to become a freelance writer to help many people create online articles and blogs.

On the other hand, you can venture a little further into technical writing or the creation of formal documentation such as studies, manuals, and many more. Further, you can shift to writing scripts and immersive novels for various audiences. 

Writing is a low-stress job. What this statement means is that you can have your own deadlines depending on the amount of work at hand and your speed. You can also have breaks in-between if you feel burdened or exhausted with thoughts. 

4. A Landscaper

You can as well work as a landscaper to avoid situations that make you anxious. Landscaping is an excellent job if you love bonding with nature. The job requires you to create, build, and maintain parks, gardens, and many other outdoor landscapes. 

The main duties involve growing ornamental plants and keeping outdoor facilities clean. This should tell you that landscaping is a better option that doesn’t require you to constantly interact with many people.

Landscaping is a good job for you as it allows you to have full control of your social interactions. Besides, the time you will spend with nature will greatly reduce your stress. Also, the level of stress with this profession is not that high compared to other jobs. 

To make it to landscaping, you need to be a little creative and possess excellent problem-solving as well as organizational skills. Specific qualification is not necessary and that is what makes landscaping a great option for anyone with anxiety disorder.

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5. A Computer Programmer

With your social anxiety disorder, you will find computer programming to be quite suitable for you. This option allows you to work at home away from many people. It also minimizes your personal interaction with different people. 

Computer programming is a broad field with in-demand skills that should match the current time. Besides, this profession entails masterminding the workflow of programs, coding, testing the newly developed programs, creating documentation for the programs, and web development.

In the same way, as other high focus careers demand some attention, computer programming keeps the mind busy. It also helps keep away anxious thoughts since it’s a desk job that only requires you to be in a less social place. 

To become a computer programmer you will need a bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering or Computer Science. But potential employers consider someone who can demonstrate exceptional skills and knowledge in computer programming.

Most importantly, the candidate should have prior working knowledge of top programming languages such as C++, Java, Python, and many more.

6. A Business Owner

When you decide to become a business owner, you can choose to work away from many people. Owning a business allows you to create your own schedule and be responsible for the growth of your business. 

This line of career is a perfect fit for people with social anxiety. If you are one of them it is time you decided to set up your business in order to gain full control over yourself and what you do. Your business will also enable you to work in your own way. 

What you have to do is to choose the right business and everything else will work in your favor. On top of that, you need exceptional marketing skills, knowledge on how to handle your customers, and the ability to make more sales and relevant purchases. 

A degree is not necessary for you to start a business. But you should carry out thorough research to learn everything that concerns running a successful business before you get started.

7. A Fitness Trainer

How about working as a fitness trainer? This job option will help you handle your social anxiety disorder better than working in a social setup.

Apart from that, a fitness trainer enjoys two major benefits that come with this type of work; first, you will experience minimal interaction with people, and secondly, you may have the privilege of following a healthy lifestyle which will lead to excellent physical health. 

Numerous research studies suggest that a healthier lifestyle plays an integral role in reducing levels of anxiety and other chronic diseases. That being said, working as a fitness trainer will help you achieve this goal without straining too much. 

You will be in a better position to focus on your private training session with minimal interference or interaction.

This job will also provide you with an opportunity to condition your physical training sessions with your clients online which is equally advantageous to anyone with social anxiety.

Most physical trainers possess at least a high-school diploma as their primary qualification for this job. Again a huge number of employers need their fitness employees to possess a bachelor’s or an associate’s degree in the health fitness field.

The field may include kinesiology, exercise science, and physical education among others.

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8. A Taxi/ Uber Driver

One thing that might come to your mind right now is how a taxi or Uber driver comes on this list. Well, as a taxi/Uber driver, you will have time to briefly engage and interact with passengers.

However, this is a job that only involves controlled or menial human interaction for someone with social anxiety disorder. 

Your interaction will start by contacting your passengers through an app before picking and driving them to their destination. During all that time you can avoid unnecessary conversation because most passengers prefer traveling in a quiet and peaceful environment. 

The work stress for a taxi/ Uber driver is a little bit manageable. You are also not answerable to anyone or struggle to meet the set targets and deadlines. All these are factors that contribute to stressful situations in most workplaces for people with social anxiety.

To become a taxi/Uber driver, you just need excellent driving skills, a driving license, and basic knowledge about different car brands. No specific degree is required.

9. A Massage Therapist

The main duty of massage therapists is to relieve their clients’ stress by making the body relax. This is one of the best jobs that people with anxiety can do comfortably. The job will give you a fantastic opportunity to handle your social anxiety. 

As a masseuse, you will be required to work in an environment that is quiet and peaceful without necessarily engaging your clients in any form of conversion. Less interaction with a relaxed working place will make you do your job comfortably. 

Another advantage of working as a massage therapist is that your duties and schedules will be manageable. You will work on appointments and at your own convenience.

Your clients will schedule an appointment with you, so you will have enough time to prepare yourself both mentally and physically before attending to their massage needs. 

To be a massage therapist, you will need at least a post-secondary education program or about 500 study hours and experience. Standards and requirements can vary significantly by jurisdiction and state.

This is because most states have regulations on massage therapy in addition to requiring masseuses to have a certification or license.

10. A Transcriptionist

You can work as a transcriptionist if you think you have great listening skills and typing speed. This job will provide you with an opportunity to handle and control your social anxiety disorder. The job requires you to listen keenly to audio and video recordings then proceed to type every word you can hear. 

Most transcriptionists focus mainly on their work, which discourages them from getting distracted easily. Another important aspect of this job is that it allows you to work in the comfort of your home.

You can do as many tasks as you can and communicate with people you are working for via the phone without having to meet them physically. 

You may need a degree to become a transcriptionist in addition to having the ability to pay attention to details. Your typing skills should also be excellent besides your writing skills, computer skills, discretion, management, and listening skills.

11. A Video Editor

Video editors are in high demand and extremely popular as people hold more digital events, anniversaries, and parties. This is an exciting job that you can enjoy doing, especially if you have a social anxiety disorder. 

Video editing requires your aesthetic skills, creativity, and less social interaction. Just like other jobs mentioned in this list, video editing is a multi-purpose skill. You can do it as a home-based job or online task to fit well with your social anxiety lifestyle. 

Video editing comes with numerous opportunities that can suit you as a freelancer. It allows you to work at any time and how you want. You are simply your own boss and this is something to be happy about.

Social Anxiety Triggers

What you need is to create enough time to utilize your ability and skills in making videos to be visually appealing to your audience. 

You don’t need a college diploma or degree to become an excellent video editor. Regardless, you need to acquire relevant skills in this field for you to succeed.

These skills will help you to become proficient in software such as Adobe video editor and Final Cut Pro X. Knowledge of motion graphics will be an added advantage to your video editing job.

12. An Accountant

You can work as an accountant if you have social anxiety. This type of job needs you to be extremely good at numbers and solving mathematical problems. It is an eye-catching job if working with figures is your strongest skill. 

Although it may be boring for some people, accounting can be a perfect fit for anyone suffering from social anxiety. The job allows you to remain focused on what you are doing while keeping your mind deeply rooted at work.

This way, you can eliminate thoughts of anxiety while performing your tasks.

The most desirable qualification for accountants is a bachelor’s degree, particularly in accountancy. This field is always in demand, meaning that you will not have any problem finding a job if you have relevant skills, experience, and knowledge.

13. An Electrician

Even though working as an electrician requires you to be vigilant and well-focused, you can still do it in solitary. You just need to contact people to find electrical work, which you can do on your own without supervision.

This job option will keep you busy and take away your anxious thoughts. Most importantly, working as an electrician can give you a chance to be self-employed given that no one will come to supervise you or command you on what to do.

Relevant skills needed by one who wishes to work as an electrician include reading and analyzing technical diagrams, interpreting blueprints, installation and maintaining wiring and lighting systems.

You also need to be able to identify electrical problems with the use of various testing devices that you need to be familiar with.

14. A YouTuber

You can as well build your career on Youtube since this is becoming a popular platform to upload videos. This is a place where millions of people, including those with social anxiety have converged to promote their careers.

The best thing about Youtube is that you can always interact with like-minded people without physically meeting them.

You can prepare high-quality videos and upload them on Youtube. In the beginning, it can be somewhat challenging but with time, you will get used to it. Youtube offers a vast platform to sharpen your creativity and skills in making high-quality content. 

You really don’t need any college degree to become a YouTuber. A camera and a microphone will give you what you want, especially if you have confidence in front of the camera.

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15. A Researcher

Research work involves a lot of exploration, studying, and the urge to learn about new things. In this case, you will have to be a curious individual and a study freak to venture into intensive research work. 

Your tasks will involve data collection, data organization, and data analysis. All these operations aim at solving specific problems or exploring new information.

Additional tasks include administering surveys, reviewing studies, creating reports, and preparing relevant data. This is a type of work that needs solitary with high focus. As such, you can do it if you are someone who constantly experiences social anxiety. 

One thing that makes this job interesting and exceptional is the engagement while in the line of duty. Also, the research work does not require any specific educational qualifications.

You only need a subject of your specialization or a degree related to your research, including relevant experience.

16. A Mechanic

If you have a passion for vehicles, then you can take up a mechanic job. Being a mechanic requires concentration and a little bit of physical work, which can help you take away your worries and anxious thoughts.

As a mechanic, your task will involve vehicle maintenance, inspections, repair, and replacement of some parts and components.

You can choose to work alone or as a team of a few people. The job requires you to occasionally interact with customers and your fellow mechanics, which is actually comfortable considering your social anxiety disorder. 

To work as a mechanic, you will need special professional skills such as lifting, energy level, safety management, dealing with complexity, problem-solving, and analyzing information.

On top of that, you will have to undergo mechanic training to gain relevant knowledge related to this type of job.

17. A Pet Care Professional

Do you have a passion for animals? If your answer is yes, then you can consider working as a pet care professional. Working close to pets can help you take away the negative experience of spending time with many people in a social setup. 

Your duties will entail providing care to different pets, maintaining their hygiene, or providing them with proper training. What is more, you can work as a pet sitter when the owner of that particular pet is not around.

Pets are stress relievers and taking care of them or playing with them can help you relieve some stress in the process. 

Working as a pet care professional does not require anyone to possess a particular degree. Knowledge of how to handle different pet animals can come in as a plus with training from an experienced veterinary doctor.

18. A Chef

If you have a passion for cooking, then you can become a chef. Cooking involves the creation of your mind and hands. As you prepare any type of meal, your mind focuses on the preparation while the hands do the practical part.

In the process, you get carried away by the whole cooking process, thus taking away your anxious moments.

Social Anxiety Disorder Warnings

You can work as a chef at home by taking orders from your customers and delivering the type of food they ordered. Also, you can work in a restaurant given that your work will be at the back of the house were interacting with customers is non-existent.

However, you will require professional certificates by enrolling in cooking classes but this is not always necessary.

19. A Social Media Manager

Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, and others provide efficient ways to start, grow and promote different types of businesses. Business owners and large companies are shifting to social media to advertise and sell their products and services.

For that reason, they rush to hire social media managers to run their platforms or launch their social media campaigns. 

If you are hired as a social media manager your duties will involve engaging with online audiences rather than making face-to-face interactions. This can be a better way to earn a living while staying away from social situations that can aggravate your social anxiety. 

What you need to accomplish each task is a computer or smart device and your work will become easier and better. Also, you will need to be a good strategist for both brand awareness and impressions.

20. A Shadow Teacher

If social anxiety is preventing you from pursuing a career in teaching, you can try shadow teaching. A shadow teacher is a professional who performs the duties of an educational assistant by working directly with a child during school hours.

Usually, the shadow teacher works with a single student, especially the disabled one. 

As a shadow teacher, you will have to understand the disabled child’s needs. This means that you will end up interacting with only one child, which is good for your social anxiety disorder. 

To work as a shadow teacher you will need a bachelor’s degree. A master’s degree will be an added advantage. You will also require a patient, resilient and resourceful personality to understand the current special education topics as well as methodologies.

21. A Medical Technician

Despite your social anxiety, you can still venture into a medical career. In this case, you can try your skills as a medical technician. Your task will include preparing and analyzing different results of bodily fluids and blood samples. 

You may choose to work in independent laboratories or hospitals where you will be collecting, testing, or recording samples. For this job, you require a bachelor’s degree especially in medical technology, science, and clinical laboratory.

A certificate and experience in advanced knowledge of chemistry and biology will also be needed.

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22. An Artist

If you have skills in different fields of art, then you can choose to become an artist so you can work in an environment that doesn’t affect your social anxiety. This is attributed to the fact that artists work most of the time in solitary.

Most of them choose peaceful surroundings to do their brainstorming and generate innovative ideas. Such places provide them with favorable conditions to handle their social anxiety better. The best way to qualify for this job is to have relevant artistic skills based on your talent.

23. An Actuary

As an actuary, you need excellent skills in statistics and mathematics. These skills will enable you to compile statistical data as well as other information for analysis, estimation of the probability, and derive the likely economic cost of a given event. The event could be an accident, sickness, death, natural disaster, investments, and so on. 

Actuarial science is an exciting profession for individuals with social anxiety disorder. Most of the work is done with the help of computers, making the job ideal for your social anxiety.

To qualify as an actuary, you will require a bachelor’s degree in actuarial science, statistics, mathematics, and other analytical fields. Additionally, you may need to complete coursework in applied statistics, corporate finance, and economics. Passing a series of examinations to become a fully certified professional will be an added advantage.

24. A Supermarket Stocker

With your social anxiety problem, you can work as a supermarket stocker. This job requires you to have organizational skills and the ability to maintain cleanliness and orderliness. Apart from that, you will ensure that the store where you are in charge stays presentable to appeal to the customers. 

This is a less stressful job for anyone with social anxiety since the work of shelving and keeping everything in order is a solitary one with less interaction. Besides, the tasks are not complicated and the work burden is relatively reasonable.

For you to work as a stoker in a supermarket, you just have to be able to lift heavy objects, maintain order or have some knowledge on how to operate pallet jacks.

25. A Delivery Person

Today, delivery people are in high demand because many companies and businesses deliver orders to customers. Most people prefer shopping in the comfort of their homes during this time of the pandemic. 

Therefore, your work as a delivery person will entail delivery orders as per the customers’ requests. Also, you will spend most of your time on your designated route instead of interacting with coworkers and customers. In this sense, you will have an easy time controlling your social anxiety. 

But you may work under someone’s supervision to help you manage your time and cover your routes effectively. Make sure to perform your duties diligently to avoid incidences of mismanagement that can make you anxious. There is no specific training or degree for you to work as a delivery person. You just need essential skills such as driving or time management.

6. What Are the Tips that Can Help You Overcome Your Social Anxiety?

Your selection of the job that you think suits your situation does not guarantee any improvement of your social anxiety symptoms. What this means is that you will have to find ways to manage your condition to lead a happy life.

This is due to the fact that you are likely to face numerous situations that might raise your anxiety levels. Luckily for you, there are tips that you can apply to make you work comfortably and normally just like those people with social anxiety disorder. 

These valuable tips are as follows:

Tip 1: Taking a Deep Breath while Practicing Relaxation

Experts suggest that deep breathing and practicing some relaxation techniques can be considerably beneficial if you have social anxiety. So, you should strive to make these techniques-deep breathing and relaxation techniques– part of your routine to make everything easy. You can make the habit of practicing them every morning or any part of the day to relieve your tension and lower your social anxiety levels. 

The act of performing deep breathing just before or during social anxiety situations can greatly help you relax all day long and do your job as required.

This is because when you deeply breathe in and breathe out, you are simply increasing the amount of oxygen to your brain. With enough oxygen in your brain, you can easily and quickly stimulate your parasympathetic nervous system which eventually will promote your state of relaxation.

Social Anxiety Behavior Activities

Tip 2: Be Always Prepared

It is always a good idea to be prepared for any social situation. Adequate preparation can possibly help you gain some confidence to handle the situation better.

In this regard, you should try your best to face social events or people at your workplace instead of avoiding everyone and everything in the process. For instance, you can choose to do a few relaxation techniques shortly before facing a social situation.

Also, you can make some notes that you may share as a show of participation in that particular social event.

Tip 3: Change How You Perceive Situations

You may try as much as you can to think more about something else whenever you are in a social setup. When you focus and take your attention away from what is going on inside of you to what is happening around you, it can help you overcome your social anxiety.

So you should pay full attention to everything that is being done or said. 

In addition to that, you need to remind yourself that those around you are less concerned about your worries or what is happening with you. Since human beings like real and fascinating things, you should take advantage of this trait to overcome your anxiety.

Just emphasize being part of the social setup while listening to everyone around you.

Tip 4: Make Use of Your Senses

It is possible to use your senses properly to overcome feelings of social anxiety. Your senses will help you calm down in all situations. For instance, quite a number of people find some relief in listening to their most favorite music track or simply smelling a fragrance that soothes them.

The two instances can greatly help eliminate or reduce the causes of social anxiety. Maybe you can try this trick to see how much you will hold on longer when faced with a situation that makes you feel anxious.

Another way to calm yourself down is by playing with some type of fidget toy or chewing gum to stay focused and alert no matter how tense the situation might be. 

Tip 5: Make a Small Step

The best way to challenge your social anxiety is to strategize rather than leaping directly into a social setup. In this sense, you should consider taking a small step at a time as you adjust all along.

You may start with a small conversation with your workmates or attending celebrations held at your place of work. These small steps can help you to gradually transition from minor social anxiety situations to major social setups without affecting your mood or state of mind.

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To Wrap-Up

According to Aristotle, man is naturally a social animal. This means that human beings have to socialize or interact with one another to survive. For that reason, social anxiety is nothing but a negative learning part of your life.

That is why it is important to have your social anxiety disorder treated to enable you to lead a happy and fulfilling life.

But having social anxiety should not deny you the chance to live a normal life. Instead, you can look for a suitable job that meets your needs and social status. 

Jobs such as those discussed above will most likely suit you as you struggle with your social anxiety. Additionally, these jobs will help you adapt to different social interactive situations at your place of work.


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