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Zolpimist for Insomnia

Zolpimist oral spray

Zolpimist for Insomnia

Written by:

Rabia Khaliq

MSc in Applied Psychology

Umar Javed



The medications listed on this website are provided for informational purposes only. Their inclusion does not guarantee that they will be prescribed to any individual, as treatment decisions are ultimately at the discretion of healthcare providers. This list is not exhaustive, and healthcare providers may prescribe other medications, including non-stimulant options, based on the patient’s unique health circumstances and needs.

Zolpimist is a prescription medicine used to treat short-term insomnia that makes it difficult to initiate sleep in adults. Because insomnia symptoms include difficulty falling asleep, Zolpimist is administered right before bedtime. And unlike most prescription medications available in the form of tablets or capsules, this sleep aid is available as an oral spray. In this post, let’s know more about its uses, dosage recommendations, and other facts.

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What Is Zolpimist (Zolpidem)?

Zolpimist (zolpidem tartrate oral spray) [1*] is considered a sedative-hypnotic [2*] . It works by increasing the effects of GABA, an inhibitory neurotransmitter, in the brain, leading to sedation.

Zolpimist is not for children or teens. In the U.S., it is federally controlled (class C, schedule IV [3*] ) because it can lead to overuse and dependence. Patients should tell their medical professional if they have had previous addiction issues or used street drugs. Sharing Zolpimist with others can cause them harm and is illegal.

Zolpidem (Zolpimist) Dosage and Ingredients

Zolpidem [4*] is typically prescribed as a tablet. Zolpidem tablets can be specified as fast-acting, extended-release, or sublingual (sublingual brands include Edluar™ and Intermezzo™).

On the other hand, Zolpimist is a solution that is sprayed directly into the mouth over the tongue. Each application (pump) is measured to deliver 5 mg of zolpidem tartrate. Therefore, two applications will deliver 10 mg, which is often the maximum dose allowed.

Inactive Zolpimist ingredients include:

  • Artificial flavor
  • Benzoic acid
  • Citric acid monohydrate
  • Hydrochloric acid
  • Neotame
  • Propylene glycol
  • Purified water

Zolpidem products including Zolpimist are prescribed for short-term use.

Consult your doctor to get detailed instructions on taking your severe insomnia medication.

Zolpidem Bioequivalence

When two drugs are bioequivalent, that means they share the same active ingredients and are likely to achieve the same outcome. Zolpidem makes you fall asleep and stay asleep in a manner similar to its bioequivalent, Ambien™ [5*] .

How to Use Zolpimist

Be sure to follow your physician’s directions as well as read the package label information and instructions. To use Zolpimist:

  1. Align the arrows on the cap and container. Squeeze the cap at the arrows and pull away from the container. Remove the clear cap from the pump.
  2. Prime the pump if this is your first use or if you have not used the solution for two weeks or longer:

    Hold the container upright and make sure the spray opening is directed away from your face.
    Press down on the pump, release it, and ensure it returns to its original position.
    Repeat 3-4 more times until a fine mist emerges from the sprayer.

  3. At bedtime, hold the container upright. Make sure the spray opening points directly into your mouth and over the top of your tongue.
  4. Press down once, fully on the pump, to deliver a full dose.
  5. Let the pump return to its original position. If your doctor prescribed only one spray (5 mg), put the cap back on top of the pump.
  6. If your physician prescribed a 10 mg dosage, push completely down on the pump a second time.
  7. Important: Return the child-resistant cap cover to its place on the bottle and rotate it, so the arrows are not lined up.

Zolpidem tablets and spray can be stored at room temperature. Never increase your prescribed dosage without your doctor’s approval.

Untreated insomnia can affect both mental and physical health. Prevent such consequences with the help of MEDvidi professionals.

Zolpimist dosage

Zolpidem Side Effects

The most common side effects can include:

  • Diarrhea/gas
  • Dizziness
  • Drowsiness
  • Feeling “sluggish”

These side effects occur less frequently and include:

  • Aches/cramps
  • Appetite change
  • Constipation
  • Dry mouth/throat
  • Eye redness
  • Headache
  • Heartburn
  • Itching/ringing ears
  • Nausea
  • Tingling/numbness (arms, hands, legs, feet)
  • Uncontrollable shaking of a part of the body
  • Unsteadiness
  • Unusual dreams

Serious side effects are infrequent, but it’s important to recognize them and contact your doctor immediately if you experience:

  • Anaphylactic/anaphylactoid reaction (a severe allergic reaction).
  • CNS-depressant [6*] effect and next-day impairment (can include confusion, reduced ability to concentrate, slower breathing, and lower blood pressure).
  • Complex sleep behavior (patients awake and engage in activities, such as driving, cooking, and other personal interactions, with no memory of that timespan. It should be immediately reported to medical caregivers).

What to Avoid While Using Zolpimist

Zolpimist is prescribed for a full 8 hours of sleep. If awakened prematurely, users may suffer amnesia or some level of forgetfulness.

It’s a bad idea to use Zolpidem products when traveling, including long airplane flights. Also, the next morning, users should avoid operating vehicles or other mechanicals until completely awake.

Do not use Zolpimist if alcohol has been consumed during the day. Do not use it with food or immediately after eating. In addition, patients should be sure the prescriber is aware of all vitamins, homeopathic, and conventional medicines they are taking. Several drugs have negative interactions with Zolpidem tablets and Zolpimist spray.

Finding a Sleep Solution

Zolpimist is available as a cherry-flavored solution for temporary relief of sleeplessness and can be purchased online with a doctor’s prescription. Currently, there are no generic versions of Zolpimist.

Every person’s body is unique, and there are no quick fixes for some of the emotional and physical challenges faced by adults. But with professional medical evaluation and monitoring, a good night’s sleep using safe and effective medication is possible. Zolpimist has been FDA-approved as an effective sleep solution.


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Written by:

Rabia Khaliq

MSc in Applied Psychology

Umar Javed

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