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Get the Best Teletherapy Experience at MEDvidi

Getting online therapy today is easy and accessible from anytime and any place. Licensed medical professionals at MEDvidi will provide you with affordable and personalized psychotherapy services.

Benefit from your telehealth therapy:

Our doctors offer top counseling to help with common mental health challenges, such as:

Starting early treatment and prioritizing your mental health can significantly improve your life quality. MEDvidi will be happy to accompany you on your journey. We will connect you with the best online psychologist meeting your requirements and preferences.

At MEDvidi, we offer top online therapy with licensed therapists from your state.

Both online and in-person therapies are equally effective. Furthermore, online therapy is usually cheaper and more convenient in terms of schedules and ways of communication. It is also more accessible as there is no need to commute to your doctor, and it ensures anonymity better.

Your online therapy fees may vary from $159 to $195 depending on your location and the type of service you need. You will see the cost of online therapy when you choose the service and your state. Our Care Team can also inform you about the exact price of your online visit.

Yes, it is, as long as it conforms with the state requirements. Each healthcare professional at MEDvidi is licensed and has a graduate degree from an accredited institution. So, you can get real therapy online at our mental healthcare center.

Online therapy is also known as teletherapy, e-therapy, video therapy, online counseling, e-counseling, etc.

There are a lot of approaches suitable for online therapy for adults. Doctors at MEDvidi can suggest the most effective teletherapy options depending on your mental state, diagnosis, and general requests. It also depends on whether you are looking for a couple therapy or individual therapy online.

Receive Your Mental Health Treatment Online

Dealing with ADHD, anxiety, depression, stress, OCD, insomnia, and other mental issues can be very challenging. MEDvidi can help you take control of the symptoms that bother you.

Consider getting professional help if you experience:
Сheck up on Insurance Coverage Access

Check out whether your health insurance covers telemedicine services. Our Care Team will inform you how much you can save on online treatments. However, if your online appointments cannot be covered, you can still schedule an appointment at a regular price and receive help from our specialists.

The duration of counseling treatment depends on your needs, condition, and therapy type. If you are in crisis, more frequent meetings with an online therapist are needed. If you need some general help with dealing with everyday issues, you can have online psychotherapy sessions less frequently.

You can tell as much as you want and as much as you think is needed. Telehealth mental health treatment can make you feel more comfortable, yet we will always respect your boundaries. All we want is to help you in any case.

We recommend that it should be discussed with your therapist. If you agree that therapy is no longer necessary and you have already established progress, you can stop your online treatment.

Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is considered the best online depression treatment and the most effective therapeutic approach. CBT helps deal with trigger factors and change irrational thoughts and negative behavior patterns contributing to mental health problems.

Yes, therapy is a form of medical treatment. Online mental health treatment aims to alleviate the various psychological disorder’s symptoms or prevent their worsening or manifestations.

A major treatment strategy in behavioral couples therapy is to elevate communication skills and build trust and support.

Easy Online Therapy Assessment Steps

1. Take a free test via the SmartCare symptoms checker

Evaluate your mental health condition with the help of the SmartCare assessment tool. You will receive your results as soon as you complete the test. The checker will show you whether you have mild, moderate, or severe mental health symptoms.

2. Have a video consultation with a doctor

Book a primary visit with a therapist after you create an account. During an appointment, your doctor will evaluate your mental health. Be prepared to talk about your personal health history. Describe your symptoms and share all your concerns. You can be asked to fill out a set of diagnostic questionnaires and tests to ensure precise telehealth cognitive assessment.

3. Develop a treatment plan with your therapist

Evaluate your current issues and concerns with the assistance of your MD. Determine your goals and set realistic objectives to achieve in therapy. Define how you see your successful outcome and establish a time frame together with your doctor.

Dynamic assessment is an estimation method used to evaluate one’s skills and learning potential. Speech therapy assessment online can help find out whether there are any speech-language disorders or differences.

Yes, telehealth centers like MEDvidi can provide mental health assessments online. Our specialists are licensed doctors who can make mental health diagnoses both in-person and online.

An online mental health assessment is as accurate as an in-person examination. Our experienced MDs use standard practice guidelines for symptoms check and mental health assessments.

There are specific tools for different kinds of disorders. For example, the General Health Questionnaire (GHQ) is widely used for full mental health assessment. However, only a mental health professional can make a diagnosis; self-diagnosis is not valid and can be dangerous.

It takes a therapist from 30 minutes to an hour of telehealth assessment to make a diagnosis. Sometimes it can take longer or require additional tests.

Individual Treatment Plan for Therapy Success

During your video call, you will receive a diagnosis and a personalized treatment plan. The best treatment plan for some mental conditions can include a combination of medication and behavior therapy. Medication helps relieve the symptoms right away, while talk therapy helps you work on long-term improvements.

A basic treatment plan should be based on the following important points:


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When I was diagnosed with anxiety, I started having weekly therapy sessions. And the first thing my therapist and I implemented was a treatment plan. I was prescribed medication which helped me feel better. The challenge was to learn how to cope with my anxiety symptoms and deal with everyday problems, but I didn’t know how. And with the help of my therapist at MEDvidi, we established the goals and the small steps I needed to take to get there. It didn’t seem impossible anymore, the tasks became simple and easy!

Date of experience: June 30, 2023


1 review


My insomnia was affecting my everyday life, so I turned to an MD at MEDvidi to help me. According to my treatment plan, I had to change some of my habits, such as going to bed at irregular hours, taking naps, and so on. So I started working on my goals, and we could successfully track my weekly progress. Just in two months, I got back to healthy and restful sleep thanks to this consistent approach.

Date of experience: May 16, 2023


1 review


I’ve been receiving cognitive behavioral therapy for my ADHD. So far I’ve managed to improve my time management and organization skills. I have some other targets in my treatment plan and I feel hopeful, as I always get a lot of support from my therapist at MEDvidi. Our strategy keeps easing my ADHD symptoms swimmingly.

Date of experience: May 12, 2023

A treatment plan consists of specific goals and interventional therapeutic steps for treating mental health conditions such as ADHD, depression, anxiety, etc.

A therapist usually uses information about the patient’s history, demographics, and diagnosis to create an effective treatment strategy. Writing a treatment plan for mental health depends on your therapist’s approach. If it is cognitive behavioral therapy, they will help you understand how your thoughts, emotions, and behaviors interact. Your therapy treatment goals should be related to identifying irrational or harmful thoughts and replacing them with helpful, true thoughts.

A successful treatment plan should contain these four components: identifying the problem, setting goals, coming up with objectives to reach the targets, and establishing interventions.

Creating a treatment plan using the S.M.A.R.T. model means making it:

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Attainable
  • Realistic
  • Time-based


This allows not only to set detailed goals but also to make sure that the time frame is realistic and the goals are achievable.

Therapy treatment plans help draw a roadmap for the therapeutic process for both you and your therapist. They guide you toward reaching your goals. They also help track and document your progress throughout treatment.

The goals of a good treatment plan for psychotherapy are to represent the best interests of the individual receiving therapy and are strength-based and collaborative.

Therapy at MEDvidi Makes a Difference

Therapists can use various approaches when addressing their clients’ problems. Their choice usually depends on their beliefs, life experience, and personal preferences. Here are some of the leading counseling approaches:

Counseling Type Main Points
Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy Focused on how our behaviors and thoughts influence outcomes. Evidence-based, efficient, and highly versatile approach.
Mindfulness-Based Counseling Focused on the present feelings and thoughts. Combination of CBT with Buddhist-based relaxation techniques.
Exposure Therapy Focused on creating positive physical reactions by exposing patients to their fears in a controlled environment that would lead to desensitization to trigger factors.
Psychodynamic Therapy Focused on how the past impacts present situations. Concerned with understanding unconscious desires and conflicting personality qualities contributing to mental illness.
Interpersonal Counseling Focused on addressing current problems and improving interpersonal relationships to overcome mental health issues.
Client-Centered Therapy Humanistic approach. Focused on maximizing human potential. Supports client’s insights.
Existential Therapy Focused on the meaning of being alive. Acknowledges personal aspirations and limitations. Clients are assisted in identifying unmet needs and maximizing potential.
Rational Emotive Therapy Focused on establishing a connection between faulty thinking and suffering. Helps patients manage their emotions.
Reality Therapy Focused on current situations. Views behaviors as personal choices. Encourages personal accountability and being in control of one’s life.
Constructionist Therapy Focused on how cultural perceptions and influences shape meanings. Strong linguistic interest.
Systemic Therapy Focused on how underlying difficulties are impacted by systems (such as family, work, education). The therapist works with individuals on personal and professional relationships.
Narrative Therapy Focused on the stories we create ourselves about who we are. The counselor works collaboratively to come up with different stories and broaden perceptions.
Creative Therapy Focused on using artistic expression to release positive sentiments therapeutically. Highly adaptable — you can use music and different art mediums.

Therapy for Negative Thoughts, Anxiety and Bad Decisions

Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is one of the most common methods to treat mental issues. CBT considers the influence of our thoughts on our behaviors and feelings. CBT doesn’t take into consideration other situations, people, or events.

After the initial visit, when you receive a personalized treatment plan, you may need the next sessions. Therapy helps you achieve your treatment goals sooner. During a 60-minute session with the help of your therapist, you will:

You can struggle to cry because of psychological issues, such as depression, anhedonia, repressed emotions, and societal pressure. There could also be physical reasons, such as some eye conditions, medications, climate, and so on.

Emotional numbness or emotional detachment can be caused by PTSD, depression, abuse, grief, and avoiding your emotions. However, it can also be caused by some medications.

Psychotherapy effectively helps with overcoming an inferiority complex. Together with your therapist, you can explore your past experiences that led to your low self-esteem and negative self-image.

A constant feeling that you have done something wrong or that you will do it can mean you have a guilt complex. Cognitive-behavioral therapy helps identify the thoughts that lead to feeling guilty and replace them with more positive ones.

Healthcare professionals link anxiety around death to mental health conditions such as anxiety disorders, PTSD, and depression disorders. Please consult a professional.

Combine Online Counseling and Medication Management

The treatment combining online therapy and medication can be very effective. Your doctor at MEDvidi can provide you with online therapy and prescriptions for your mental condition.

Mental health prescriptions online have the following advantages:

Schedule counseling and meet your online therapist who can prescribe medication.

Yes, as long as the specialists are certified to dispense prescriptions in your state.

Yes, you can get both online mental health counseling and medication prescriptions. Our certified specialists are eligible to prescribe medication in your state if necessary.

Xanax is a controlled mental health drug. So only licensed online psychiatrists can prescribe Xanax for clinical anxiety disorder and panic disorder.

Yes, our certified mental health experts can prescribe it remotely in different states.

Find Out More About Anxiety Treatment

Check our blog to know the difference between different mental health professionals, the tips on finding the most suitable one, and many other useful facts.

Try Online Therapy Today

You are very likely to find online therapy more convenient, cost and time-saving, and effective than walk-in services. Our specialists at MEDvidi are here to meet your requests and help with your mental state condition.

Online therapy with medication will help you treat your symptoms and improve your well-being. We will ensure you get presented with an individual approach to getting treatment.

Overcome your mental health issues with our timely support. Are you ready to take your first step toward a brighter life?