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Medvidi is a highly progressive telemedicine company that provides patients with an online doctor prescription and diagnosis.

Our online prescription services aim to provide rapid and easy prescription care management to all our patients at Medvidi delivered by our highly professional and dedicated mental health professionals. Medvidi is constantly working to change the perspective of providing high-quality telemedicine services and helping people get access to the best mental health prescription assistance for better mental health.

Medvidi allows patients looking for an online diagnosis and prescription to connect with our certified mental health experts and get the best treatment plans and an online prescription for better and faster symptom management.

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We Can Manage Your Prescriptions

Patients can connect with their doctors virtually; Medvidi has found many
creative ways to cater to all the needs of a patient, such as; doing
examinations, diagnoses, providing online prescription, prescription refill, fast
and easy mental health prescription assistance, and more.
Doctors at Medvidi take special care in processing your online prescription. All
the necessary steps are taken into account to carefully evaluate a
prescription, verify the medical aspects, list down all the benefits and adverse
effects, record the patient’s insurance data and plan, dosage, and directions
about their prescription medication. An online prescription at Medvidi is fully
processed when all the crucial steps of an online prescription are completed
on both ends.

Get help managing your mental health and emotional well being.

How to get a prescription online?

Medvidi aims to deliver the best online telemedicine services to patients looking for a prescription refill
or those who don’t have their diagnosis and are unsure about their symptoms.
Getting an online diagnosis and prescription at Medvidi is readily available; you just have to follow
these steps;

Filling out an online form

Filling out an online form

You will have to fill out a brief form linked
to our Smart Symptoms Checker. The form
will contain some quick and easy
questions regarding your health status for
us to analyze your current health condition
and symptoms better.

Connect with your licensed health professionals

Connect with your licensed health

Once you have filled out the online form
regarding your symptoms and health
condition, the next step would be
connecting with your licensed professional.
You will have an easy and convenient virtual
session with your doctor so that they can
make a diagnosis and devise a treatment
plan considering your health status.

Receiving an online doctor

Once you have received your diagnosis,
the next step would be getting an
online prescription from your doctor if
your health status and diagnosis
require that.

Benefits of online prescription service

Benefits of online prescription

Online prescription services at Medvidi have entirely changed the way
to provide fast and easy access to patients to compensate for the lack of
mobility, remote locations, unavailability of the doctors, and long
waiting hours for getting a prescription refill.

Benefits of online prescription service through

Patient satisfaction is our top priority, and we make
getting an online prescription as simple as possible for
our clients.

Medvidi vs Traditional In Office

Medvidi has received a great patient response and high-customer rating for its mental health prescription assistance and online prescription services.
There are many benefits and perks of Medvidi over traditional in-office visits.



Traditional in-
office visit

Online prescription serviceCheckCross
Prescription refillCheckCheck
Symptoms assessmentCheckCheck
Primary careCheckCheck
Convenience and flexible scheduleCheckCross

Medvidi’s online prescription services have benefitted patients by saving time and costs on health services. A growing number of patients are using
Medvidi’s online prescription services and easy prescription refill services.

In contrast, traditional in-office visits can be challenging in arranging rides, paying for transportation, parking, waiting for long hours at the reception, and
later for your turn to be seen by the doctor.

How Medvidi Works

Medvidi takes care of your mental health issues and treatment plan by allowing access
to the best virtual telemedicine services.
You get the following high-quality services at the Medvidi:

Smart Symptoms Checker:

This is an online facility for all clients and
patients who are unsure about their
mental health status. You have to fill out a
brief form asking questions regarding
your symptoms and health conditions.
The entire process is rapid and easy.

Online Diagnosis:

You can make video visits with your
certified mental health expert, allowing
you a virtual diagnosis based on your
signs and symptoms. Your diagnosis and
details will be carefully transferred to you

Video Therapy Sessions:

Video therapy sessions are a complete
substitute for traditional in-office therapy
visits. Depending on your time flexibility
without mobilizing, you can plan and
schedule virtual therapy sessions.

Online Consultation:

Our licensed mental health professionals
are readily available to answer all your 
queries and analyze your issues. You can
schedule an online video consultation
with your mental health experts.

Video Counseling:

Getting mental health counseling
becomes even more convenient when
you can receive it through Medvidi’s video
counseling service while staying in your
home setting.

Online Prescription:

Medvidi’s online doctor prescription
service allows you to connect with your
doctor through a video call and access
affordable online prescription services.

Rapid Prescription Refill:

You don’t have to pay a walk-in visit at
your therapist’s clinical setting or wait for
long hours to request your prescription
refill. Medvidi allows you to get a fast
prescription refill from any remote
location and time flexibility from our
certified mental health experts.

Online coaching for Patients/Clients:

You can get complete guidance to your
online prescription throughout your
treatment regularly from the
professionals at Medvidi.

Our Services

We provide integrated management services of telemedicine and online prescription. You can experience high-quality online prescription services provided by certified and licensed specialists at Medvidi. Medvidi is not just another virtual healthcare platform. Instead, it provides the fastest and most affordable online services to all its patients and clients. You can get extensive clinical expertise and online prescription in the following domains of healthcare:

Get help managing your mental health and emotional well being.

Online doctor prescription ADHD

Online doctor
prescription ADHD

Getting an ADHD prescription
doesn’t require walk-in visits in
the middle of the day. Talk to
our health experts online.

Prescription drugs for anxiety and stress

Prescription drugs for
anxiety and stress

With fast-paced lifestyles and tantalizing
workflows, the prevalence of anxiety and
stress disorders is growing increasingly.
Get the best prescription for anxiety and
stress to manage your symptoms through
Medvidi easily.

Prescription for social anxiety

Prescription for social

We understand the impact of social
anxiety on patients and how it
restricts you from your daily life
interactions. No need to worry
because you can buy prescriptions
online while staying at the ease of
your home.

Depression prescription online

Depression prescription

Getting an ADHD prescription
doesn’t require walk-in visits in
the middle of the day. Talk to
our health experts online.

Prescription for insomnia

Prescription for

A good sleep cycle is crucial for
getting everything done for the
rest of the day. Talk to our health
experts and get fast online
prescriptions for insomnia
depending upon your symptoms.

Prescription for chronic fatigue

Prescription for
chronic fatigue

Chronic fatigue is a complex
condition, and it is challenging to
manage the debilitating
symptoms without the best
online doctor prescription.

Online prescription weight loss

Online prescription
weight loss

If you are struggling with
weight management issues,
our certified experts will help
you with an online prescription
for the best weight loss
prescription drugs.

See how much you can save

Medvidi offers a better and more affordable telemedicine program for online
prescription in the United States. We help to cut down the total cost for your
healthcare expense to a quarter.

You can quickly sign up with Medvidi and get access to all our services within
minutes. Schedule same-day appointments, rapid prescription refill, various
online prescription services, and save huge costs on traveling to your health
provider’s clinical setting.

We are working very closely in the background to make our services even
better for our patients. We are looking at the possibilities to cover the clients’
health insurance and reduce the total cost of the medical expense.

The online prescription services at Medvidi are a lot more economical; you
can get connected to several licensed professionals and get the entire
household covered at the lowest cost

Prescription Management
What people are saying

What people are saying

Why choose Us

Medvidi telemedicine visits have surged to a significant percentage. A comprehensive
population has skipped choosing the traditional test run and has shifted to Medvidi
online prescription services and primary means of care.

We are the unrivaled telemedicine company in America providing the best quality
services with constant upgradations and innovation to enhance the effectiveness of
satisfying our patients.

Why choose Us


1. Fill out an online form connected to our Smart Symptom Checker regarding your symptoms and current health condition.
2. Talk to your licensed mental health expert for the best treatment plan and online prescription.
3. You can also request a prescription refill via video visit.
4. Select the pharmacy of your choice and get the prescription delivered to it.

No, you can get a prescription refill even without insurance.

You would have to pay for mental health prescriptions. However, the Medvidi mental health online prescription is far less expensive compared to walk-in visits.

You would have to pay for mental health prescriptions. However, the Medvidi mental health online prescription is far less expensive compared to walk-in visits.

Yes, you can easily get your prescription online at Medvidi if your medical condition requires it.

Here are some suggestions and tips that you need to consider before your online appointment for a prescription refill,

  • Make sure your initial form is filled out – you must fill out the form associated with the Smart Symptom Checker so that your licensed professional can have a detailed idea about your signs and symptoms and health status.
  • List down your medication and dosage – you should know about the complete names of your medication and the dosage. Remembering the exact names and dosage might get overwhelming at the time of your video visit. Hence, it is helpful to keep a list of all the prescription drugs and dosage on your phone or paper before the online appointment.
  • Upload all the required documents – if you have important documents such as lab tests, photos of your prescription drugs, and other diagnostic data, make sure you have uploaded all the relevant documents for your doctor to review before the appointment.
  • Mention your older prescriptions from elsewhere – if you have received prescriptions from any other primary doctor, make sure you mention all of them to your doctor at Medvidi and let them know about your drug history.
  • Promptly report any symptoms that you think you have developed due to the prescription drugs – If you are experiencing any particular symptoms after starting your prescription medication or think they are related to the medication dosage, promptly report to your mental health expert.

To get an online prescription, it is important that you first consult a certified mental health expert. According to the federal law of the United States, the prescription must have a signature of a licensed health professional for the pharmacy to deliver certain drugs.

Our certified mental health experts at Medvidi can give you an online prescription depending on your symptoms and health condition. You may also get a faster prescription refill from our professionals if the previously prescribed medicine does not come under the classification of a controlled substance.

If you are traveling and want an online prescription refill, you would first have to talk with your mental health expert. If your mental health expert determines your prescription is necessary, you will get an online prescription even if you are traveling to another state or are away from home. You might also be eligible to receive your online prescription medication at a pharmacy near your location.

Medvidi’s online prescription program allows you to get a fast prescription by skipping the traditional walk-in visits to your doctor. You can also get same-day prescriptions from our licensed mental health experts.

Scheduling an online appointment/video visit does not guarantee that you will get an online prescription. Our licensed mental health practitioners will assess your signs and symptoms very carefully and only give you an online prescription if required for your condition.

If you are looking for the most affordable and safe online prescription services, then Medvidi is your ultimate option. We offer the highest quality mental health professional services along with easy online prescription and rapid prescription refill. Sign up with Medvidi and avail yourself of a great opportunity to get the most-affordable telemedicine services subscription right now.

Start with our Smart symptoms checker and take
the first step to feel better and live better